Losing More Hair This Summer? Here's How To Stop Summer Shedding

What is Seasonal Hair Loss and How Can it Be Prevented?

Hair loss sucks, especially if you have absolutely no control over it. No one wants to lose their luscious locks, and anyone who says they don't care about balding is lying.

Research shows that over 60% of men, and 40% of women, suffer from some form of hair loss by the age of 40.  That's one crazy stat, and so it is not really surprising to know that the hair treatment market is estimated to be worth over £2.5 billion.

One common form of baldness is Seasonal Hair loss.  This is when we go into a shedding phase during a certain season or time of the year.  For most of us this time of the year is summer season.

Fear not though, because for the majority of us, as we shed, we also grow new hairs, which effectively replace the hairs we lose. But, for some of us, seasonal hair loss can be a real nightmare, especially if you are prone to genetical baldness or if you have naturally thin hair.

So, to avoid the effects of thinning hair, here are some handy tips you can implement into your daily routine to help keep your hair healthy, strong and full...

Try Washing Your Hair Less Frequently

We're not telling you to live dirty, but you should consider washing your hair less often, or at least cut back on the shampoo. It should be noted that shampooing your hair does not cause baldness, but if you shampoo your hair every day, it can do your strands more harm than good, especially if you suffer from severe shedding during summer season. Overusing shampoo can make your hair thinner, so counteract this by reducing your shampooing to around 2-3 times a week.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Your hair is actually no different to any other part of your body - if you look after it properly, then it will thrive. Living an active lifestyle and eating good, high-protein foods, will only benefit your hair. If you're prone to shedding at this time of the year, then be sure to get plenty of exercise, eat lots of high-protein foods, and drink plenty of water. Research shows that people with better diets usually have stronger strands.

Take Hair Growth Vitamins

Most of us can't get all the essential hair nutrients and minerals into our bodies every day, and that is where multi-vitamin hair supplements come in handy. Popular hair growth supplements like HR23+ and VIVISCAL can give your body all the right vitamins it needs for your hair to grow. These supplements have been shown to be hugely effective in preventing the effects of shedding and promoting healthy hair growth.

Protect Your Strands with SPF

The sun is the biggest cause of hair loss during summer season. Constant exposure to the harmful rays not only burn your skin, but can also damage your hair and cause severe breakage. The heat also causes excess sweating, which is not good for your locks. A popular and effective way to counteract this is to apply SPF lotion to your hair. This will give it the protection it needs for your hair to thrive.


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