What Do Men Find Most Attractive About Women?

Article by Aidan Tanner.

Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from either.

Many factors influence a person's attractiveness to another, and the common perception is that men are far more easily pleased than women. But, this is not necessarily true, because when it comes to physical attractiveness, many men can be very specific, and even more so than women.

Here, Green Beans carried out a small survey asking 100 men to rank their top three physical attributes that attracts them to a woman.  Now, remember, this is only on physical appearance, so this doesn't include personality traits.

Here are the top ten physical things that men find most attractive in a woman...

10. Hands

It may seem slightly unusual, but hands are a lot more popular than you might think. The hands can say a lot about a woman, and they are also a very feminine part of the body. 7% of men said they couldn't date a woman with ugly hands.

9. Height

Height is normally a very important factor for a women when she's choosing her man, but it turns out it is also an important thing for many men too. Whether he likes his woman small and petite, or tall and slender, a woman's height can play a big role in her attractiveness.

8. Voice

It's another unusual one, but a woman's voice can go a long way to clinching a man's heart. Women's voices vary a fair bit, so it's easy to be turned on (or put off) by the vocal tone. 11% of men said the voice was a contributing factor in a woman's attractiveness.

7. Age

Some men like older women, and some men fancy them younger. Either way, it turns out that a woman's age can play a rather significant role in her attractiveness.

6. Hair

A woman's hair is one of the key physical attributes that make her feminine, and attractive to men. It doesn't matter what style or colour the hair is, as each man has his own preference. The fact is, a woman's hair can play a key role in her attractiveness to a man.

5. Smile 

For many men, nothing quite beats a good smile. A smile can say so much, and it is often a feature that helps bond people together.  A smile can say a 1000 words, and so it's little wonder so many men find it such an important physical feature in a woman.

4. Breasts

Sexual attraction will always have a big role in a woman's attractiveness, that goes without saying, and so it should be no surprise that most men are attracted to the chest area of a woman. This can be due to a number of factors, like sexual, maternity, or feminine body shape.

3. Hips

Much like the last entry, a woman's hips can be a huge pulling factor for men. The hips play a huge roll in defining the type of body a man goes for, be it slender or voluptuous. Much of a woman's aura comes from her hips, like her walk, for example. 

2. Legs

There's every chance a woman will walk straight into a man's heart with the right legs. Men have fancied great legs for centuries - they're probably the sexiest part of a woman, for most men. And that's not even debatable.

1. Eyes 

Everything can be said through a pair of eyes - every emotion, feeling, and message. So, it's little wonder so many men find a woman's eyes so incredibly attractive. If you were to name three things you love about a woman's physical appearance, there's every chance eyes will make your list.


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