10 Reasons Why Summer is the Worst Season

Summer Season Sucks, and Here's Why... 

Everybody loves a good sunny summer, right?  Beach days out, picnics in the park, BBQ grills in the back yard, music festivals, and school holidays!!  What's there not to like about summer?

Well, you'd be seriously surprised how many people actually dread the hottest time of the year.  Just the mere mention of summer season can whip some people into a cold sweat.  Sop, we ask, what is it about summer that some people really hate?  Here are ten reasons...

Social media posts

Social media sites, Facebook in particular, can be almost unbearable during the hotter months.  In winter we constantly moan about the cold, and in the summer we are constantly reminded how sunny it is. Oh, and how many 'airport posts' can one take in a season?!


Yes, summer is great for the great outdoor activities, but it's an absolute nightmare when indoors.  Constant sweating can be an absolute nightmare, and there's only so many cold showers one can take in a single day!  There's nothing more annoying than being unable to control endless amounts of sweating.


This point needs no explanation.  The mosquito does its utmost to ruin our summers, and most of the time they succeed. 

Lack of sleep

Summer days a great, but the nights can be a real pain in the backside.  Most of us find it near impossible to sleep because it's too bloody hot! Add the odd Mosquito or two into the mix, and it's just an absolute nightmare (if only). 



A good old fashioned picnic sounds lovely on paper, but if you think about it, where is the actual appeal?  Sitting on the floor, wasps constantly flying around your head, and let's not forget the ants! 


If you don’t have it, you wish you do. If you do have it, you wish you didn’t. A fine metaphor for summer itself.  

Summer Hair Shedding

Seasonal hair loss can be a right nuisance, especially if you are already prone to suffer from thinning hair. Many of us tend to lose more hair in the summer, which really suck, because it's probably the season when we want out strands to thrive the most.

Smelling bins and people

Everything seems to smell bad in the summer, whether it's a smelly bin or a smelly person, nothing seems as fresh during the summer months as it does in the winter.  


The older you are, the more its ageing menace hits you. By the time you’re in your mid-forties you’re a kip in the sun away from irreparable facial bedlam. 

Hay fever

Whether you suffer from it, or live with someone who does, it sucks.

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