Whale Watching in Hermanus: The South African Adventure of a Lifetime

Top 22 things to know when going Whale Watching in Hermanus to see Southern Right Whales

Whale watching is one of the most loved tourist activities, especially in South Africa.  If you happen to be near the beautiful Hermanus, located on the South African south west coast, then be sure to add a whale watching trip to your activity log.

So, to best prepare and equip you for the greatest adventure of your life, here are 22 important things you should know before you set off...

1. Whale Watching Hermanus offers Boat Based Whale Watching trips in a responsible manner.

2. Whale Watching Hermanus season is from June to December of every year.

3. Whale Watching in Hermanus is World Renowned as being the prime whale watching spot.

4. Southern Right Whales are known as the gentle giants of the ocean.

5. The average size of a Southern Right Whale is 10 African Elephants.

6. Did you know a whale's gestation period is 12 months?

7. The average weight of these whales is 40 tons.

8. They eat tiny plankton that look link shrimp.

9. The whales do not feed when they visit the shores. They only eat when they are in Antarctica.

10. The typical measurement at birth is 5.5m.

11. These whales can live up to the age of 50. 

12. As adults they can grow to a length of 15 metres!

13. These whales do have predators, and so they should beware of large sharks and Killer Whales. 

14. The Pollution, net entanglement, and collision with ships are huge threats to these whales.

15. When Going Hermanus Whale Watching make sure to book in advance.

16. All Whale Watching Hermanus trips are Weather Dependant.

17. Be sure to wrap up, as it can get chilly on the sea.

18. Take Sea Sickness tablets. You don’t want sea sickness to spoil your trip.

19. Don’t forget your camera (for obvious reasons). 

20. Charge your batteries to the full - you don't want to miss a shot!

21. Where polarized sunglasses, as it takes the glare off the sea.

22. Oh, and don't forget your sunblock. 

For all whale watching bookings, please email info@whalewatchinghermanus.co or you can chat live by visiting the website https://www.whalewatchinghermanus.co

Phone number:  +27(0)84 746 6814

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