10 Most Evil Movie Villains

We all love our iconic heroes, but deep down, we also love our villains too, and in many cases, the villain is actually more of an iconic figure than the hero. A villain's charm or psychosis intrigues us, and their existence simply scares us.

To celebrate the role of the bad guy, we've complied a top 10 'Evil Movie Villains' list. Now, this list should not be confused with 'most terrifying' or 'scariest'.  Yes, some of the villains on our list are certainly those things, but this list is more about ranking these characters on how evil they are.

10. Jack Torrence, The Shining

The king of creepy, Jack Torrence, comes in at number 10. Many might argue that Jack Torrence was a pawn of the haunted Overlook Hotel, but Nicholson’s memorable performance convinces the audiences otherwise, and suggests that maybe the anger and violence was there all the time. That's the thing with true evil, the villain doesn't actually know he's doing any wrong.

9. Andre Baptiste Senior, Lord Of War

Some of the most evil people in the world are dictators, and Eamonn Walker's portrayal of Andre Baptise Senior is a pretty frightening example of just how evil these guys can be. A leader should be trusted and respected by his people, but in this case, he strikes true fear into the hearts of his people.

8. Norman Bates, Psycho

An unsuspecting audience is first introduced to an innocent mummy’s boy, harmless it seemed, until finally the mask is pulled away, and the evil then came out in full flow. What made the Norman Bates character even more scary, perhaps, was the fact the movie was from 1960 - an era when the audience just wasn't used to this sort of thing.

7. The Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves

Alan Rickman's portrayal of The Sheriff of Nottingham was by far the best ever, and easily the most evil. Any man who murders his own cousin must possess some kind of evil that most of us could  never relate to. But it's not just that. This dictator seems so hellbent on getting what he wants, that all sanity has completely been chucked out of the window.

6. Jigsaw, Saw

There are lots of humane ways in which you can exact revenge on someone, but Jigsaw takes it to a whole new level in the Saw movies. Audiences around the world were shocked when these movies hit the big screen, showing all kinds of torture scenes that even the most evil of us wouldn't ever have thought were possible.  It just shows, evil can come from the deepest feelings of resentment.

5. Hannibal Lecter, Silence Of The Lambs

Hannibal Lecter is perhaps the smartest guy character on this list with a sky-high IQ.  He has the ability to outsmart you at every turn. Now, to add to this frightening fact, imagine the same man wanting to eat you! As charming and tasteful a man he may seem, it is precisely those characteristics that make him so evil.

4. Carl Bruner, Ghost

One of the most evil things about someone is betrayal. Carl Bruner was responsible for the death of his best friend, Sam Wheat, and it was all for the sake of popping up his bank account. His partner in crime, Wille Lopez, was scary in a 'street' kinda way, but that was not a patch on Bruner, who was the orchestrator of it all. Looks can be deceiving, and evil lies in places where you least suspect it.

3. T-1000, T2 (Judgement Day)

I guess you could say it is slightly cheating to add a robot to this list, but that doesn't escape the fact it is one of the most evil (and scary) characters ever seen in a movie. The T-1000 is absolutely relentless in its quest to kill John Connor, and it will go to any lengths to complete its mission.  What makes this machine so evil is that fact it is only programmed to do one thing, and that is to kill. It has no feelings, and it does not care about dying. It is also so advanced that it is near impossible to stop.

2. Darth Vader, Star Wars

The lord of the sith would probably rank top spot on most villains lists, but he doesn't quite top ours. Perhaps the most iconic villain of them all, Vader captivated audiences with his armour, cape, and distinctive voice, but amazingly, after one of the biggest twists in movie history, we end up feeling a little sorry for him. Whether you love or hate the Star Wars movies, you can't deny Vader's iconic status as one of the most recognised movie villains ever.

1. The Joker, The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the most memorable movie villains of all time, and already it goes down as an absolute classic. This character appears to be mentally ill, but is smart enough to form one of the greatest plans in movie history. Just when you think Bats has him sussed, he goes and lands another evil twist in the movie. Ledger was fully deserving of his Oscar for this portrayal of the most iconic and deranged comic book villain of all time.


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