The Rise of Shaving Subscription Services

Why are big shaving companies terrified of razor subscription services?

There was a time, not long ago, when the shaving market only really consisted of two major brands - Gillette and Wilkinson Sword. These two mainstream giants gave us all we really wanted and needed when it came to shaving.  You were either a Gillette man or a Wilkinson Sword kinda guy.

But over the past decade, and certainly since the male grooming boom in 2006, shaving has delved into a different direction.  Rather than try to compete with super power mainstream companies, the smaller brands instead set out a new market by the way of shaving subscription services.

What is a shaving subscription service? 

A shaving subscription service is a simple and convenient plan that makes shaving hassle-free.  You simply sign up to a service, set up a direct debit, choose your razor, blades, and other shaving products, which then get sent to you monthly.

Why is a shaving subscription service a better option?

The whole point of a shaving subscription service is to make your life that little bit easier. You don't need to constantly shop for new blades, shaving gels, after shave creams, and so on.  Once you've chosen your products and your plan, everything gets sent to your door as and when you need it, making shaving easier and hassle-free.  Shaving subscription services also tend to be a much cheaper option, making it more affordable as well as convenient.

What are the biggest shaving subscription brands on the market? 

There are quite a few shaving subscription services floating about on the market, and there's set to be plenty more popping up over the coming years.  Here are a few of the big hitters that you may have heard of...


The combination of our high quality, British-blended skincare products and German-engineered razor blades will give you a smooth, comfortable shave.


Shave Differently! A Belgium based producer of big brand shaving products, offering a complete range of all-natural luxury shaving items. 


Take your pick from a beautifully created range, including a razor, shave gel, blades, shave cream, face wash, post shave balm, and face lotion. You also get to pick the colour of your razor. 


Dorco is a leading manufacturer of high quality low cost disposable razors, shavers, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women. 

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