6 Things Women Find Irresistibly Attractive About Men

What the the most attractive features in a man?

Looking good is a big part of life, and the better we look, the more attractive we feel. But it's not all about the physical attributes that make a man attractive to a woman. A woman's taste is far more complicated than a man's, and so in no particular order, Green Beans looks at the most attractive things that women find about men.

1.  Confidence

Most women love a man who is confident, and by confident, we don't mean cocky!  A confident man makes a woman feel at ease with him and herself.  Confidence also represents a number of attractive traits including strength and ambition - which leads us nicely onto our next point...

2.  Ambition 

An ambitious man is a doer. An ambitious man knows what he wants and strives to get there.  There is something domineering about an ambitious man.  Men with ambition tend to grab life and live it to the full.  It's a journey that most women would find very exciting.

3.  Genuineness 

If a man is genuine then that generally means he's less likely to cheat, play games, or lie. Most women, especially those who want to settle down in life, want a man who is honest, trustworthy, and kind. That isn't too much to ask for, is it?

4.  Tall

Sorry to all short men, but it's true - the vast majority of women want a man who is tall, and by tall we mean over 6'0. Women want to feel feminine in a relationship, not towering above their man on a night out. Being tall also helps the genetic pool for the next generation, apparently.

5.  Punctual

By being late, you are disrespecting someone else's time. A lot of women expect their man to be on the ball all the time. The last thing you want to do is keep your woman waiting - they'll just get fed up eventually, and end up leaving you. Turning up on time (or even early) shows your women that she is the priority if your life - and for most women, actions speak louder than words.

6.  Fit

You don't have to have a six pack and a chiseled jawline to impress your lady, but being relatively fit and active will probably impress her more than you might think. Women like men who look after themselves - it shows they care about their health and appearance.  And let's face it, no woman wants a fat, lazy slob, if they can prevent it.

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