5 Huge Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

What are the common errors people make when trying to lose fat?

Trying to lose weight can be the most frustrating thing in the world, for most of us, and so it is little surprise to know that the vast majority of us fail to persist with a diet and exercise plan before it has even begun.

No one ever said losing weight was easy, but the main reason so many people fail at the first hurdle is because they are starting off on incredibly bad habits.  You'll be surprised just how common some of these mistakes are. 

So, in no particular order, Green Beans takes you through five common mistakes made by people who are trying to shed fat.  If you're looking to lose weight, then avoid these bad habits at all cost.

1.  Skipping carbs

So many people, especially women, seem to think that carbohydrates are the enemy, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  Good carbs, such as sweet potatoes and brown pasta, should be key additions to your diet if you are trying to lose weight. These slow releasing energy foods are essential for your body to digest and burn fat.

2.  Not being active

It doesn't matter what way you try to brush over it, the fact remains - you will burn more fat if you have an active lifestyle.  People who diet without exercise will always fail to achieve their long term goals. Losing weight is possible through dieting alone, but once you go back to a normal diet, you will pile on the pounds in no time. If you're serious about losing weight, then go for walks, hit the gym, take up a sport - just get active.

3.  Cold turkey

Too many of us are far too drastic when entering a diet phase.  You need to be patient when trying to lose weight.  You won't achieve long term goals by suddenly slashing all your calories down so drastically over night.  To achieve the best results, you need to think longer term - it's a lifestyle change - so get used to healthy eating and lots of new recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied.  Dieting does not have to be torture.

4.  Dieting for an occasion

A lot of us start a diet knowing there is a big wedding or holiday resort to go to in a month or two.  Yes, we all want to look our best for the big occasion, but that doesn't mean we should be so drastic.  Like we said before, if you're serious about losing weight and being healthy, then you really need to think longer term.  Short term diets do not solve anything - they'll just slow down your metabolism.

5.  I want to look good

This doesn't apply to everyone, but a lot of dieters only have one thing in mind - they want to look good.  Therefore the health aspect of it completely goes out of the window.  Eating the right foods and being active if the best way to achieve your dream body.  The healthier you are, the better you will look.  So, cut down on the alcohol, eat well, live well and you'll look better than you could ever dream of.

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