The 7 Most Common New Year's Resolutions That We Don't Stick To

The start of a new year usually brings out a few new year's resolutions in us, and it's a habit that's not about to change any time soon. So, in no particular order, here we look into the most common new year resolutions made by us, and what are most commonly broken - most of which don't even last until February!

Lose Weight

After all the binging on food and alcohol during the festive period, the vast majority of us are left feeling like a bloated whale come the new year, and so trying to lose weight seems like the most obvious new year's resolution to make. Gym memberships are at their highest during January, but only a small percentage of new members actually make it to February, which just shows how much we love our food and hate our exercise.

Get Fit

Ok, so losing weight isn't the main priority for some of us - in fact, many of us would like to take it to the next level and actually get fit. As determined as we may feel at the stroke of the new year, many of us realise that getting fit takes a lot of hard work and dedication - that six pack won't appear over night, you know! It doesn't take most of us long to mould back into our sofas, watching junk TV and eating crap!

No More Alcohol

A bit like losing weight, many of us feel the absolute need to stop drinking alcohol after such a messy festive season. Oh wait, it's Tom's birthday later this month and I couldn't possibly enjoy it without a drink or two. I guess the alcohol ban will just have to wait...

Save Money

Another festive season hangover is the realisation of how much we've actually spent over the past three or four weeks. After avoiding our bank statements like the plague, we realise how broke we really are and decide we are going to save, save and save! Oh wait, it's the January Sales this month, right? Oh well.

Travel The World

How many times have we heard it - A new year's resolution that involves travelling to new countries and seeing some of the wonders of the world! Well, it all seems like a great idea when discussed over a few Christmas Sherry's, but once the bills start rolling in, the whole concept doesn't seem like such a great one after all.

New Job

An astonishing 70% of us hate our jobs, which is a pretty depressing stat when you consider how much time we spend at work. So, naturally, a good new year's resolution would be to find a new job that we absolutely love, with a flash, company car, swish laptop and an amazing boss who hands out 12 weeks holiday a year. Well, after a few weeks of dreaming, most of us realise there isn't much else out there that'll make us truly happy, unless we have to actually get up off our arses, so we stick to what we have and continue to dream for another year.

Learn a New Language

Oh come on, why would you really need to learn another language when you already speak the language of the world - English! Pfft

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