9 Reasons You Get Annoyed About Facebook

Ok, so Green Beans has got absolutely nothing against social media sites - they are after all what makes the modern world go round. But, for fun, we thought we'd delve deep into the sometimes annoying world of Facebook and expose some of the most common complaints made by its users. How many of these points can you relate to? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments section below...

You know what she had for breakfast

Doesn't it just annoy the hell out of you when you see the same people posting the same crap on their status about what they've eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Ok, we know you can cook, and yes, we know you have a very healthy appetite, but what exactly are you trying to achieve by posting your daily diet for the world to see?

They just had to let us know where they are

Ok, so we can completely understand the reasoning behind 'checking in' on Facebook if you've just landed in New York or Dubai, but seriously, letting us know that you're on a train to Bognor Regis - is that really necessary? We know you don't get our of your home town much, so stop trying to convince everyone that you're always on the go!

It's a boy!

They're everywhere. There's absolutely no escaping them. Baby scan images! Ok, so we know you're up the duff, you made that pretty clear about 5 months ago, but seriously, do you really need to upload a baby scan image for all to see? You don't even know about 95% of your Facebook 'friends', and guess what - 95% of people seeing your status really couldn't give a crap if you're expecting a boy or a girl. In fact, they couldn't give a crap that you're pregnant at all.

Oh God, not another selfie

The selfie has become quite ridiculous over the past few years, and quite predictable too. Most of your 'friends' on Facebook know what you look like, and they are only too aware that you look nothing like the Photoshop edited snaps that you keep posting online, so the reality is - you look like an idiot for doing so.

It's such sad news

With celebrities popping off every week, ever notice how so many people are quick to post their messages of condolences and sadness? It's like, seriously, you never listened to a David Bowie song in your whole life and you had to be reminded by your mother who Alan Rickman even was, so why do you suddenly give a crap now that they're gone?

We don't care about your football team

So many of us do it, and it's not just the kids - it's the adults too. What the hell gives you the urge to start ranting (or gloating) about your football team? No one gives a crud, so seriously, grow up!

A good old fashioned rant

She pissed him off, then he pissed her off, then she pissed you off and then you pissed her best friend off. So, after lots of pissing off, what's the first thing you go and do? You let the Facebook world know about your latest conflicts rather than sort it out in private. Guess what, most of your Facebook 'friends' don't know who you are talking about, and we're willing to bet that none of them even give a crap. You'll just slump even further down in people's estimates, for plastering all your crap on their newsfeeds.

He's racist and he doesn't even know it...

It's amazing how easily influenced some people are when it comes to most things in life. There's a terrorist attack and suddenly the world goes anti-Muslim. What's more shocking is the sight of your 'friends' posting and sharing pro-EDL articles and crap like that. Still, there's an easy way to solve that little problem - hit the delete button!

What are you trying to prove?

Ever noticed how the most active friends on Facebook seem to have the most boring lives? And notice how your friends that actually have exciting lives barley ever touch their Facebook account. We'll let you work out why...

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