6 Things That Can REALLY Make You Angry!

What makes you really angry?

Even the most patient and calm people get angry. It's basic human instinct and no one is immune to it. What gets you angry - and we mean REALLY angry? Here are the five most common things that make most of us absolutely infuriated...

A Bang on the Head

Yep, we've all done it, whether it's on the kitchen cupboard or the bathroom shelf, a little knock on the head can drive us absolutely insane, leading us to fisting and swearing at objects with no pulse.

Can't Find it Anywhere!

Lost your glasses? Looking for a pen? Has your mobile phone vanished somewhere in the house? Or even worse, you can't find your car keys and you're already late for work? Yep, losing our cool over lost items is another thing that really pisses us off. And it's made even worse when someone asks you "Where did you last have it?". Grrrrrr!

Cold Callers! 

When cold callers bug us late at night, we get totally pissed off. And that applies to any type of salesman from door-to-door canvassers through to the awkwardly annoying Jehovah Witness. They're so annoying that even they themselves get angry by it.

It's not working! 

Don't you just hate it when your laptop, or other electrical device isn't working? Yep, that's why so many of us end up bashing the hell out of our faulty items. There's nothing more annoying than your laptop playing up or your printer not working - it's enough to drive anyone insane.

Get off my Ass!

Road rage occurs in just about all of us, and there's nothing quite as annoying as someone driving right up your rear. None of us know quite why this makes us so angry, but it just does!

The Instructions Must Be Wrong

Flat packs - they're a pain in the butt, and they always seem to take longer than the 20 minutes stated on the box. If there's one thing that'll be bound to get your raging, it's an awkward bed or kitchen unit that needs assembling, and you just can't do it!

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