What Would The Perfect Tennis Player Look Like?


What is the perfect tennis player?

It's a great debate that continues to elude even the most passionate of tennis fans. Who really is the greatest of them all? Well, luckily we don't intend on getting caught up with such subjective matters, therefore we've assembled our own fantasy player, made up of the very best skill sets that our current batch of champions have on offer.

Although we are in an era where stars such as Federer and Nadal seem almost flawless in their craft, no one is or ever will be perfect on a tennis court. So, based on the skills and attributes of the players who are currently playing on the ATP tour, we've created a tennis player that meets the demands of perfection. Our fantasy player would simply be unbeatable!

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Serve: John Isner

When it comes to serves, it really doesn't get any bigger than John Isner's. The big American doesn't always get the credit he deserves, often labelled as just a power server, but his ability to mix his serve up at the most crucial moments in a match, make it the most potent and reliable serve on the tour.

Return: Novak Djokovic

What makes Novak Djokovic so successful on the tour is his all round ability, but his one weapon that stands out from the pack is his ability to dictate a point on the return of serve. Andy Murray is also a world class returner, but Novak's consistency gives him the edge here.

Forehand: Rafa Nadal

If there's one forehand that simply changed the way we look at this sport, that's that crushing stroke of Rafa Nadal. Nadal owes many of his grand slam successes to that bomb of a forehand, with exceptional topspin and power. Rafa's forehand is almost impossible to replicate, making it the best shot of its kind in the history of tennis.

Backhand: Roger Federer

Ok, so you're screaming for a Djokovic or Murray backhand to take its place on this section of the list, but let's not forget just how awesome Roger Federer's backhand has been over the years. With the modern two-handed backhand dominating the ATP tour, it's pretty extraordinary how Federer has held his own with that classic, and potent, one-handed backhand. It's a true piece of art.

Volley: Feliciano Lopez

Bring back the days when tennis was diverse. Bring back the days of serve and volley. The Pat Rafter's of this world are a dying breed, but Feliciano Lopez has kept the flag flying. This old fashioned serve and volley maestro has done an exceptional job in mixing it up with the big baseline hitters with his deft touches at the net. If you could take anyone's volleying skills from the tour, then surely it would be Lopez's.

Lob: Andy Murray

If you're an avid watcher of Andy Murray then you'll be aware of his amazing lobbing skills. There simply isn't anyone on the tour that can lob like the fiery Scot. Murray has made one of the most difficult shots in the game his ultimate trademark.

Speed & Agility: Gael Monfils

Ok, so Djokovic is pretty quick and extremely agile around a tennis court, but we've selected Gael Monfils as our main man in this department due to his remarkable ability to retrieve and entertain, simultaneously. The dynamic Frenchman's speed around the court is quite frightening at times.

Work Rate: David Ferrer

David Ferrer probably won't ever win a grand slam, but that certainly won't be because of his lack of trying. When it comes to true grit and determination, the Spanish terrier cannot be surpassed. If you fight as hard as Ferrer then you're always in with a chance.


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