Achieve a Six Pack By Doing This Simple Exercise

Getting the perfect abs

With so many fitness tips out there floating on the robust waves of internet it’s harder and harder to get the grip of what’s working and what’s not. The truth is you must put your body in motion to get anywhere in terms of fitness, but what if you have a specific goal in mind – a SIX PACK OF STEEL?

There’s one exercise that beats all of the traditional crunches or sit ups and even the trendy planks.

Everybody planks and side planks these days but would you believe this forgotten exercise is by far a winner when it comes to shaping your upper and lower abdominals, and yes, including your obliques.


This simple but challenging move is so worth the effort you would be able to feel the difference within just second week and see the results within three weeks of training. It is ten times more effective than sit ups, as it engages all the muscles you have below your chest, you are also working against the resistance of the gravty, which shoots up effectiveness even more.

Find a rod, pull up bar or a branch. Hang on it by making sure you have a secure grip. Lift your legs with knees bent. Repeat 12 times. If you want even more of a challenge, lift your legs straight and as high as possible. Repeat 12 times. Do four to five sets every day. Watch your abs get stronger.

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