What Your Shoes Say About You

Your Shoes and You

Did you know even your shoe choice can reveal a lot about your personality? Check these characteristics and see whether your preferred footwear type matches your traits.


Yes, just like you predicted.

This is a choice of a woman expressing her, yes, womanity. She wears those heals because she wants, not because she is expected to. Always in search for relationships that bring value to her life rather than just meaningless states of being acquainted to a crowd. She is usually well spoken, intelligent and confident. Never overly friendly, always well mannered. Is that you?


That’s an interesting one.

You can tell ballerinas were made for this bubbly personality. Lively and surrounded by a large count of close friends, ballerinas’ wearer is highly practical in their footwear choices yet feminine . She is usually an expert in her chosen profession. Knows how to balance work life with pleasure.


She values freedom more than anything else in the world. That doesn't mean she can’t create a meaningful bond with others. She simply breathes the world in by taking part in anything that takes her fancy. To an extent of course. Although usually considered as a little carefree, she keeps in touch with reality. Good natured at heart with many passions.


If these are your preferred footwear choice, you live with purpose, you know exactly what you want and how to get it. You may appear as an introvert but that’s not the case. You are simply planning ahead and need some alone time. Very bright and often high achieving in her chosen discipline.

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