How To Get A Second Date: 5 First Date Tips For Men

How to succeed at dating

Dating Tips for Men

Dating has always existed, but with the heavy exposure of online dating sites such as Match and Plenty of Fish, an increasing amount of men and women of all ages are jumping on the dating bandwagon.

For men, the dating game can seem like the most terrifying thing in the world. But fear not, guys, we're here to help. Here are five essential dating tips for men who have genuine intentions for their date. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but they'll be sure to bag you that second date you've been craving for...

5. Keep it simple

When arranging your date, be sure to keep it really simple. Many men make the common mistake of overcomplicating things in an effort to impress a lady. Just remember, the more flamboyant your first date is, the more pressure you're putting on yourself to deliver the spectacular on a regular basis. So, forget sky diving, dinner or anything else that prevents you from making strong eye contact with your date. Take your date for a quiet drink or a coffee and just get to know her first, and save all the adventurous dates for when you know she's really worth it.

4. Don't get drunk

We really shouldn't have to tell you this but many men still do it. Don't get plastered on your first date. Yes, you're bound to be a little nervous, but please, for the love of God, stay sober and try to actually get to know the person you're hanging out with for the very first time. There's nothing less attractive than slurping your words and talking BS when someone is trying to get a feel of your personality.

3. Wear a shirt

You'd be surprised what effect wearing a shirt can have on a first date. We're not telling you to wear the full three piece suit, but wearing a tidy shirt shows your date that you like to look after yourself and that you have made the effort to look smart for the occasion. Let's face it, if you're expecting her to dress nice then the least you can do is smarten yourself up as a gesture of respect.

2. Avoid grubby nails

Women hate them. We hate them. They're disgusting! Keep your nails trimmed and clean. This is non-negotiable. Enough said!

1. Pay for everything

Yes, that's right guys, on a first date you are expected to pay for everything, so don't be a Scrooge and get your wallet out like a gentleman should. Trust us, she'll respect you that much more if you pay for the first date, and you'll stand a great chance of bagging date number two.

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