It's Just One Big Publicity Stunt. Zayn Will Be Back

Well, it's been all over the news, and social media has gone absolutely nuts over it, with over 4000 tweets on the topic per minute! Yes, Zayn Malik has indeed left One Direction. But here at Green Beans, we can't help but be suspicious about this whole drama. Where there's Simon Cowell, there's always a buck to be made.
So, here's our theory: Zayn leaves, the remaining four members bravely continue on without him, only for Zayn to return a year or two later, and BANG, there you have it - the biggest world tour in history is on! Don't bet against it, folks!
Here's what Zayn's ex band mates had to say on this subject...
"In light of recent events I think this is important to say.For the past five years now I've been part of something so special I don't think any of us really understand, something that can mean the world to people and put a smile on the face of our fans even in the darkest times. To a lot of people it's just a bunch of silly kids in a band but to the people involved it means so much more. This last week has been some of the worst times, possibly the worst it's something we are all deeply saddened by. It's sad to think for the time being we won't grace the stage as five bros or have the same fun on a tour bus or laughs in a hotel together that we have over the years but I'm super sure us and zayn will always remain the closest friends. I guess what I'm really trying to say is it's far from over. When we very 1st became successful we all agreed that one direction had become much bigger than each individual member that's why I feel like right now it's ok to be sad and upset but I do ask everyone who is a fan of us to please keep ur faith in us I'm sure there's a lot more to come all love." - Liam Payne
"Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can." - Niall Horan
"Been a crazy couple of days but know that we are going to work harder than ever to deliver the best album we've ever made for you guys!" - Louis Tomlinson
Harry didn't bother commenting.

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