5 Ways To Sniff Out a Pyramid Scheme

When it comes to finding the dream job, it can be easy to get scammed. The popular 90s trend of pyramid schemes (currently known as social selling and network marketing) are the biggest scamming operations you could possibly come across in today's 'business' world. This system enables the people at the top of the pyramid to get richer through the hard work of the people slugging it out down the bottom. To save you from getting scammed by one of these crafty organisations, we're giving you 5 key pyramid scheme pointers to look out for...

1. You've just got an interview at a global advertising agency!

Yep, that's right, you've just landed an interview with the dream job at a 'global advertising agency' with a client list containing some of the most well known brands on the planet, and they want YOU to promote them. You don't need any design or advertising qualifications or experience. They just want your ambition and hard work in a fast paced environment.

2. "You've got the job"

You've been to the interview and banged on a few doors, as part of your unpaid 'practical session', and would you believe it, they loved you so much that they offered you the job right on the spot. Oh, and they didn't even bother to look at your CV.

3. You'll be mega rich in just two years

If you put in the hours and hard work, you'll absolutely reap the rewards, and you'll be your own boss. What's the catch? Well, there isn't one. Just keep banging on a load of doors six days a week and sell, sell, sell! Don't worry, in just two years you'll have your own team slugging it out on the streets for you while you relax in your modern office with a cup of coffee in hand.

4. The networking events are so inspiring

The networking events these guys put on are totally off the scale, right? They're packed with banging music, great food, lots of drinks, and inspiring speeches from the guys at the very top. You'll learn about how they made it from the very bottom, and how you can achieve what they have with lots of hard work and determination. You're part of something really special here and you're not being brainwashed in the slightest.

5. Why work in a crappy office when you can have it all on your own terms?

Seriously, working in an office is for mugs, right? Why slug it out in a 9 to 5 when you can be out in the fresh air, interacting with 'clients' and making sales! It's a complete no brainer.

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