Male Celebs Who Make a RECEDING HAIRLINE Look Good

Hair loss, for the most part, isn't a particularly nice thing to go through. In fact, losing your hair is widely regarded as one of the most soul-sapping experiences for any man (or woman). 

We can't all have the luxury of looking great with a shaved head, like Bruce Willis or Dwayne Johnson, but, for less extreme cases of hair loss, like a receding hairline, you'll be surprised how cool it can look. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at these five famous guys rockin' their receding hairlines. It just goes to show that hair loss, in whatever form, doesn't have to be a bad thing... 

Henry Cavill

If Superman himself can look awesome with a receding hairline, then there's hope for all of us. Cavill has a Norwood Hamilton 2-3 receding pattern, which suggests he's experiencing very early stages of male pattern baldness. 

famous men with receding hairline

Luckily for Cavill, the receding hairline actually suits the shape of his face. It makes him look masculine, while not taking too much away from his pretty boy looks. 

Ryan Reynolds

Even in his younger years, Ryan Reynolds has always had a very high hairline, with slight recession. This doesn't necessarily mean it's male pattern baldness, as some guys only experience a maturing of the hairline. 

Ryan Reynolds hairline

It appears that this is Ryan's natural hairline, and to be fair, with his square jawline, and the shape of his face, it absolutely suits him down to a tee. 

Ben Affleck

From Superman and Deadpool, to Daredevil and Batman... is there a theme going on here?  Ben Affleck's hairline seemed much more receded when he was in his 20s, which leads us to believe he may have had some hair transplant surgery at some point. 

Ben Affleck hairline

Even so, with his chiselled jawline, and dashing good looks, the slight recession actually enhances his appearance and attractiveness. 

hair loss treatment for receding hairline

Jude Law

Is there a more iconic receding hairline than Jude Law's?  Ok, so it helps that Jude, as well as all the other guys on this list, are handsome, but his attractiveness comes from his confidence in his hairline. 

Jude Law hairline

Never has Jude tried to hide his recession, which actually takes the focus away from it. It just shows, with confidence comes attractiveness, both on the outside, and within. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has had a high, receding hairline ever since he made his first appearance as a 16 year old on the X Factor. The recession has got more aggressive as he's aged, but to be fair to the former One Direction singer, it really does suit him. 

Harry Styles hairline

Much like Jude Law, Harry doesn't try to hide his hairline - instead, he makes it work. He's shown that you can sport a longer hairstyle with a receding hairline, that still looks very cool. 

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