Thinning on Top? Here's A Clever Way To Cover Hair Loss...

how to cover bald patches

Here's a clever way to conceal hair loss, and make your hair look thicker

If it feels like hair loss is becoming more and more common, then that's because it actually is. The whole Covid-19 fiasco hasn't helped matters, with people noticing hair shedding after diagnosis. The pandemic has also caused a lot of stress for many of us, which is another cause of hair loss. 

Although the beauty aisles are packed with products claiming to speed up hair growth and thicken strands instantly, the reality is, this issue is a lot more complex than that. Before we look at ways to cover/disguise your hair loss, we'd recommend finding out what is actually causing your hair to shed. There are many types of baldness, so diagnosis is key, in order to find the right treatment. 

Until you find a treatment for hair loss, you'll probably want something that covers the thinning areas of the scalp. If, like many people, you're not comfortable with having a thinning hairline or noticeable bald patch on display, then this clever technique will help cover your hair loss, so you can live in harmony until you find a treatment that stops your shedding. 

So, without further ado, let's get stuck in... 

Hair Volumizing Powder  

Before we get into the actual covering of the bald spots, we first need to add some volume and texture to the hair. And that's where hair volumizing powder comes into play. 

Apply a small amount of hair volumizing powder to your dry hair (it works for short and long hair), and then work in until the your hair gets the desired lift in volume and texture. Don't worry about thinning areas, as we'll come to that next...

Colour tint dry shampoo

You'll be amazed what a bit of colour tinted dry shampoo can do to enhance the appearance of your locks, and cover any thinning areas in the process. For those of you looking to avoid hair building fibres, this is a great option, for you.
Dry shampoo

Simply pick the colour tinted dry shampoo that best matches your hair colour, spray evenly in the hair, paying extra attention to the thinning areas. Spray small amounts in and around the patchy areas, and then style your hair accordingly. Once done, apply a very small amount of hair spray to hold your style, and the dry shampoo, in place. 

Brush through gently 

After all your products are in place, get a wet wipe, give your forehead and sides of your face a wipe (to clear away any colouring from the colour tinted dry shampoo), and then, with a hair brush, gently brush through the hair. 

Your hair has strand enhancing products in it, so brushing through it will help make it look thicker, more textured, and fuller. You can add some hair spray if you wish, but if you do, make sure it's a matte finish spray. This will give your style a good hold, without making it look wet. 

And that's it, simple! 
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