The Worst Things About Being 40

worst things about being 40

What's the worst thing about being 40?

You know what they say; Life begins at 40! 

Although turning 40 does have its perks, it can be a real burden for most of us. Unfortunately, no one is immune to ageing, and unless you stay on top of your game, hitting 40 could be a lot more unpleasant than you'd like it to be. 

So, in this article, and in no particular order, we go through ten universal things that absolutely suck about hitting 40...

You are now "middle-aged"

Whether you like the term or not is irrelevant. Once you hit 40, you are officially a middle-aged person. Now, that's doesn't necessarily mean that has to be a bad thing, but let's face it, you'd much rather be referred to as "young" than "middle-aged". 


Wrinkles are pretty much every woman's nightmare, and despite all the wonderful anti-ageing treatments we have available on the market, nature will eventually come out on top. Seeing wrinkles and fine lines is just another cruel reminder of how your youth has been left behind.

Grey Hairs

Ok, so grey hairs tend to develop at varying stages, depending on the individual, but most of us tend to see greying hairs around the age of 40. Going grey isn't a disaster for guys, but for women it can be more than just a minor inconvenience. Grey hairs tend to age us dramatically. 

Colonoscopies Procedure

It's a far from popular procedure, but it's an important key to colorectal cancer prevention. Now that you've hit 40, scheduling a regular colonoscopy, is simply part of your life. It doesn't make you feel so young, does it! 

Life's Responsibilities

Remember the times when you were carefree, always out and enjoying life? Well, at 40, those days are long gone. Now, it's all about paying the mortgage, getting the kids to school, and working your butt off to pay the bills. 

Less Flexible

It seemed like just yesterday when you could touch your toes, but now, everything that's physical, just seems to laboured. Heck, even getting out of bed can be a chore. As we enter middle-age, our body becomes less flexible, therefore it needs regular attention and care. 

The Dreaded Menopause

For women, menopause can be a soul-sapping experience. Not all women go through menopause in their 40s, but the vast majority do, and although it's not really a big deal in itself, it just isn't a particularly nice thing to go through. It just makes one feel old! 

Slower Metabolism

At 40, you could eat the same diet as you did when you were in your 20s, but the results will be completely different. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and it's a lot harder to keep off the weight. That's why so many middle-aged people put weight on after they've hit 40. 

Your Favourite Celebrities Are Old! 

The celebrities you grew up watching and listening to are well into their 60s and 70s now, which makes you feel a heck of a lot older.

Your Favourite Bands Have Split Up

Most of the bands you loved in your teens have split up, and the music landscape is near unrecognisable to that when you were young. Not being able to relate to the music chart can make you feel old in itself. 

In 10 Years You'll Be 50

That's right, in just ten years you'll be 50. 50!!! And to think, only ten years ago you were 30! 

Hair Starts to Grow in the Wrong Places

As you get into middle-age, hairs tend to sprout in the most annoying places, such as your nose, ears, and back. It's another harsh reminder how much turning 40 can seriously suck! 

University Students Look Like 'Kids'

It seemed like yesterday when you were at university, having the time of your life, but now, when you see todays students walking by, they look and act like kids! They probably look at you as old, too.  That in itself can make one feel old and untrendy. 

Hangovers Feel Much Worse

As we age, our bodies don't handle alcohol as well. We get drunk quicker, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the hangovers can be seriously brutal. Many people end up quitting alcohol completely at 40, just for that reason, alone.  

More Trips to the Doctors

We feel invincible and carefree in our 20s, but as we approach middle-age, certain things in our body start to go wrong. More niggles, plus wear and tear, means more visits to the doctor, more treatments, and more medicines. Oh, why can't we be young again!! 

You're Half Way To 80! 

Ok, let's not go there. 

You Never Get ID'd Anymore

Getting asked to prove you are 18, commonly happens when we're in our 20s, and even in our 30s, for some. But, it almost never happens when we are in our 40s. It gets to the point when you're praying you get ID'd, just to help boost the self-morale. 

Facebook Isn't What It Once Was

Now that you're 40, the days when Facebook was a fun, social site are long gone. Now it's all about posting baby photos, the cake you just baked, and preaching about some political issue you'd not have even known existed when you were 20. 

Grumpiness Sets In

Getting grumpy is a natural process of getting on a bit. Little things annoy you, and you've become easily agitated. It doesn't get any better, unfortunately, so expect to get grumpier as you get even older. 

Fashion Has Changed 

Now that you're 40, you find yourself completely out of touch with today's fashion and trends. You can't shop in the clothing stores of the past, because the styles elude you, and you'd feel like a right numpty trying to squeeze yourself into a pair of skinny jeans. 

Your Eyesight is Poorer

As we age, our eyesight gets weaker, and therefore most of us end up having to wear reading glasses, and that's hardly going to make one feel young! 

"Back in My Day"

You often refer to your past as "the glory days", and how the youth of today are spoilt, and don't know the meaning of hard work. You know, just like your parents used to tell you. 

You Need More Time To Recover 

Anything active can have severe consequences the following day. Even going for a walk can leave you stiff and immobile the next day. Most of us aren't as fit and agile as we once were, and so everything just feels a whole lot harder. 

You're Losing Your Hair

For most of us, as we age, our hair starts to thin, and in some cases, it can lead to baldness. Although there are treatments that can minimise hair loss, we've still not got a cure, which really sucks! 
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