Top 5 Tips to Beating Dry January

By Khaled Abdulgani, Founder of Cipher

Going sober for 31 one days can seem like a mammoth task for even the mild drinker, however as alcohol related health concerns rise, and fitness fanatics boom, cutting out the booze is becoming more and more appealing, and what better time to undergo a massive detox and helping raise a little money for charity in the process than after the festive binge! So here’s our top five tips to beating Dry January and starting your 2020 right!

1. Find an alcohol-free alternative to your favourite tipple. 

Yup, nobody said going cold turkey meant ditching all your guilty pleasures! Any drink with an abv (alcohol by volume) equal to, or less than 0.5% is perfectly legit. Don’t be thrown off by labelling terms such as ‘low alcohol’, this is just a UK Trading Standard Law which permits any drink made in the UK with an abv over 0.05% to use the term ‘alcohol-free’, yet a ripe banana, or some breads can contain up to 1% alcohol! Check out online retailers such as Wise Bartender and Light Drinks for a whole array of tasty, guilt-free beverages to help keep you in the game.

2. Sweat, ache, sleep, repeat. 

Regular exercise is the perfect remedy to feeling totally awesome! Get down to the gym if you don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the ‘new year new me’ gym goers, or go outside for a jog, hike, climb, swim, cycle, or WHATEVER! Just get the air in your lungs and the blood pumping to enjoy that feel good factor.

3. Be Inspired. 

Read, watch and listen to those sober heroes championing an alcohol-free lifestyle. Their words of wisdom are enlightening and will help keep you motivated to reaching your own goals. Join Club Soda and be an active part of a growing sober community! Go to events such as the Mindful Drinking Festival and explore the very best and diverse range of alcohol-free wines, beers, spirits and cocktails. Network and be part of the movement!

4. Get a new hobby or rediscover an old one! 

After two weeks you’ll begin to wonder what to do with all that extra cash that you didn’t binge on shots for people you don’t know, junk food full of empty calories and a vague taxi experience. Now you can put that extra hard-earned cash into something you actually enjoy doing, can gain value from, and add to your skill-set, such as learning a new language! The best part is, you’ll be able to do all this with a clear head with no nasty hangover to stop you from maximising a full day and unlocking your full potential!

5. Self-reflect. 

Observe your progress and notice the subtle changes in the way you feel throughout this transition. Notice your energy levels increase and witness your mindset become more positive. You’ll start to see something very special is happening as you begin to embrace the new optimum version of you glowing inside and out. It’s important to self-reflect so that to acknowledges one’s achievement and to serve as a reminder of the journey’s purpose.

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