28 Reasons Why Winter is The Best Season

Winter is often labelled as a least favourite time of year for some, but we're here to prove that doesn't have to be the case. For, even if you are not particularly keen on the cold weather, we've collated a list full of reasons why winter is simply the best season of them all...

By Tim Wise

1. Ice skating

It's the perfect time of year to get the skates out and pretend you're Torvill and Dean. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a bit of ice skating? 

2. Crisp air

Nothing beats the smell and feeling of that crisp, chilly air during the winter months. It's just so refreshingly clean.

3. Home-made soup

Snuggling up warm in from of the telly isn't quite as good without that annual home-made soup. What's it to be: potato and leak, or tomato and cheese?

4. Winter brews

If soup isn't your thing, then there's always the option of a nice cup of tea, a horlicks, or something a little stronger...

5. Clothes

The colder months of the year gives us a great excuse to dress in our favourite clothes. If you're into your fashion and trends, then winter is the season for you.

6. Cosy nights in

Autumn nights in are cosy, but heck, they're not a patch on the winter nights, especially if it's snowing outside.

7. Valentines Day

Well, winter does host the season of love...

8. Movies

Summer blockbusters are becoming a thing of the past, because more and more big movies are being released during the winter months.

9. Skiing and snowboarding

Whether it's home or away, you just can't beat a skiing/snowboarding holiday. If you've never done one, then put it on your 'to do' list. 

10. Days off

If you live in the UK, then winter often hands out a few unexpected days off work or school. The mere sight of snow can bring the country to a halt - meaning schools and businesses shut down.

11. Eating

We tend to eat more in winter, which is completely understandable. Add the festive season in there, and you've got yourself a season full of indulging.

12. Snow

Snow angels, snow ball fights, and snowmen. Oh, come on, who doesn't love snow?

13. Christmas

Well, it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all...

14. Partying

Summer aside, winter is the most part prone season. That's a great excuse in itself to, errr, party.

15. Candles

There's no better way to relax after after a hard day at the office than with a lit candle, of your favourite scent.

16. Fireplace

Snuggle up with your loved ones, a thick blanket, in front of a nice, open fire. Does it get any better?

17. Winter walks

It doesn't have to be summer for a long walk to be good. Winter walks can often be the best. Just be sure to dress warm.

18. Hangovers

Ok, no one likes a hangover, but, let's face it, it's better to suffer from one in the winter, than in the middle of a summer heatwave.

19. Spring

Well, not everyone loves the cold, and the great thing about winter is that spring is fast approaching.

20. January Sales

We all love a good bargain, and the bargains don't come much bigger than the Christmas and January sales. 

21. Sport

If you love sport, then you'll most likely love winter. Whether it's football, rugby, or even winter sports that you love, the winter months are always packed full of sporting action.

22. Hot chocolate

A nice hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows on top... mmmmmmmmmmmm

23. Cosy sweaters

This cold weather is the perfect excuse to whip out those warm sweaters that always go to elegantly with most outfits.

24. Cheap holidays

With so many cheap holidays abroad on offer, winter can offer you the perfect excuse to getaway on a low budget.

25. Getting in shape

After a long, party filled festive season, the feel good factor sets in, and we find ourselves regularly at the gym, as well as living a healthier lifestyle. 

26. The Oscars

You don't have to be a movie buff to get excited about the Oscars. They are the biggest awards in the entertainment calendar, after all.

27. Warm cookies

Cookies taste wonderful in any season, but nothing quite tops a warm, soft cookie in the cold winter months.

28. Better hair

Most of us experience our strongest hair growth phase during winter season, which is a very welcoming stat, particularly for those of us who suffer from thin hair. 


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