Top 10 Away Day Football Grounds in England

Top 10 English football grounds

What are the best away-day grounds in England? 

England contains some of the most unique and atmospheric stadiums in the world, both old and new, that it's almost impossible to pick out a top 10 list. 

But, that's exactly what Jamie King has done. Jamie, a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City, has seen it all, and visited nearly every single football league stadium in England. 

Here is Jamie's top 10 favourite away grounds in England, both old and new... 

10. Villa Park

best football stadiums in England

The atmosphere for the Villa-Birmingham derby games at Villa Park is like no other, and if that stadium had a roof, it would be blown off! Villa Park HAS to make this list, and although Aston Villa are our fiercest rivals, to be fair to them, they're a loud set of fans, and their stadium is one of the best in England.

9. Craven Cottage

best football stadiums in England

I think all footy fans love going to Fulham's Craven Cottage. It's a nice little stadium, with bags of character, and its location couldn't be better, parked right up along the River Thames. Their new stand is also a fine addition to the stadium.

8. Elland Road

best football stadiums in England

Does it get much louder and more hostile than playing Leeds United at Elland Road? I can't think of many grounds that are more daunting to go to than this one. Leeds fans certainly play their part, and the stadium itself does well to hold in the noise. It really is a great away ground.

7. Goodison Park

best football stadiums in England

Goodison Park will not be Everton's home for much longer, but it is without question one of the best away days in the football calendar. This old-style stadium has so much character and history to it. The fans also play their part - Evertonians are some of the most passionate and loudest fans you'll come across.

6. Bramall Lane

best football stadiums in England

I've been to both Sheffield grounds, and although Hillsborough is right up there, I do think Sheffield United's Bramall Lane has that little something extra special about it. The atmosphere is always electric, and their Sheffield fans are always full of top quality banter.

5. Highfield Road

best football stadiums in England

Another midlands rival makes this list, and this time it's the former home of Coventry City. Highfield Road is one of those stadiums that I really do miss, as an away fan. I feel like the club lost a bit of their identity when they left this iconic stadium. It really was one of the great old football grounds.

4. Highbury

best football stadiums in England

I think Arsenal's old hunting ground would make most people's top 10, to be honest. Highbury was another traditional football stadium with bags of character, and a fantastic bunch of fans, too. Most fans miss that iconic stadium, and none more so that the Arsenal faithful, I'm sure. 

3. The Falmer Stadium

best football stadiums in England

I think Brighton's stadium is my favourite of the new-builds. The Falmer Stadium is beautifully built, with an impressive triple tier side-stand. I like the fact that it's not your typical new-build "bowl" style stadium. This stadium is unique, with its own style and identity. 

2. Upton Park

best football stadiums in England

Another old ground that I miss is West Ham's former fortress, Upton Park. Their new stadium is one of the worst grounds to watch a football match - it lacks any sort of atmosphere. Upton Park, though, had bucket loads of energy, all contained within those four classic stands. 

1. Anfield

best football stadiums in England

As far as away days go, it doesn't get much better than Anfield. It really is a magnificent stadium, with the most passionate fans you'll ever see. I've never been to a lounder, more energetic, and passionate ground in England, than Anfield. It's more than a stadium. 

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  1. Steve kirkwood5 June 2023 at 22:36

    Anfield is full of smart phone holding tourists. Cov was never a loud place like say stoke or derby. Fulham? Really? Boro millwall and Pompey were always much more passionate and actually interesting stadiums.


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