Look Fantastic with this Summer Beauty Routine for Your Skin, Body and Hair!

Give your skin, body and hair the perfect beauty routine when it needs it the most

With summer season fast approaching, you can almost smell the excitement in the air. For most of us, the hotter months is the favourite time of year, and with longer days, holidays, and festival fun, it's not hard to see why.

The problem is, as great as summer is, it can also cause a whole load of problems, playing havoc with our skin, body, hair, and even our health.

Summer season is known to cause common problems, such as sunburn, allergies, hair loss, dehydration, and physical fatigue. Therefore summer season isn't necessarily all sunshine and happiness!

Green Beans takes a look at the most common hindrances of summer season, and how you can best combat them.  If you want to look and feel your best this summer, then be sure to follow these handy tips...

The sun damages skin

Most of us spend many summer days laying in the sun, trying to perfect our tans, and as great as a tan looks, we know all too well that it isn't too great for the health of our skin! Constant exposure to the sun can cause severe damage to our skin, which may not be noticeable immediately, but can lead to more serious issues over time.

Always use a strong sun factor when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Also, even if you aren't in the sun that often, it would still be wise to use an SPF moisturiser every day.  Being exposed to the sun for short periods of the day can still be damaging to your skin, so stay protected at all times!

Summer allergies play havoc with your health

A growing number of us tend to experience allergies such as hay fever during the spring and summer seasons. This can be an absolute nightmare, especially for those of us who suffer from the severest symptoms. Add the mosquito bites into the mix, and it's little wonder so many people dread certain aspects of the summer.

Be sure to take your anti-allergy tablets EARLY, because the earlier you act, the more chance you will have of deflecting the issue. Also, it won't work miracles, but a good insect repeller spray will minimise the bites considerably, which will allow you to enjoy your evening barbecues and nights out.

Hot weather can cause hair loss

Yes, it's true, the hot climate can play absolute havoc with our strands, and if you always seem to experience excess hair shedding during summer season, then there's a reason why.  Seasonal hair loss is common in all of us, and although it tends to occur more often in spring and autumn, it is also common in summer too.  This is a temporary shedding process, but it can leave the hair looking thin and patchy in severer cases.
Excess sweat and exposure to the sun doesn't help the matter - in fact, your hair can suffer badly as a consequence of not taking good care of it during the hotter weeks of the year.  So, be sure to use an SPF moisturiser on your hair for protection against harmful rays, and consider taking hair vitamins for that extra boost your hair needs.

So, to recap, to get the very best from your skin, body, and hair, be sure to implement these simple things into your daily routine:
  • Protect your skin - Use a strong sun factor when exposed to the sun during long periods, and use a daily moisturiser with SPF even if you are not exposed to the sun. Skin protection is absolutely key during the sunnier parts of the year. 
  • Protect against allergies - Be sure to take anti-allergy tablets before the summer even starts. This will help minimise the symptoms.  Also, it is definitely worth investing in some anti-bug spray.  Mosquito bites can be particularly damaging to your skin, especially if you are sunburnt, so be sure to minimise the bites. 
  • Guard against hair loss - Protect your hair from the harmful sun rays with a good hair cream that contains SPF, and defend against severe seasonal hair shedding with a good multi-vitamin hair supplement.

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