8 Reasons Why Spring is the Worst Season

So, why exactly is spring season the worst of the lot? 

It has to be said, the majority of people do actually love spring season, and it's easy to see why. Spring represents the end of the cold winter season, as we look forward to the summer holidays ahead.

But with autumn you get those cosy nights in, lots of great stuff on the telly, and the anticipation of Christmas in early winter. Summer is liked and loved for the most obvious reasons, but why is spring, in our objective opinion, the worst season of them all?  Well, here eight reasons that should help explain it... 

Hay fever

Pollen. Anyone who suffers from hay fever will know all about it. If there was anything to dread about spring, it would have to be pollen. For hay fever sufferers, spring is nothing but long days of constant sneezing, itchy eyes and grogginess. It really is one of the worst things imaginable.


The weather

Ok, so coming from a UK perspective, the weather is never what it is supposed to be in spring season. You make plans, having been informed it's going to be a sunny week, only for it to rain heavily and dip in temperature. Spring being sunny and bright is just a myth, well, here in the UK it is, anyway.



One of the worst things about spring season is summer season. Yep, you read that right, summer is the true hindrance to spring. Productivity is at its lowest in spring, and all those new year resolutions have been firmly squashed and set aside for the rest of the year. From here on in, its all about getting to the summer holiday season as quickly as possible.


No stand out occasion

Spring seems to lack an exciting stand out occasion.  Summer has the long holiday break, autumn has Halloween, and winter has Christmas. Spring, however, really doesn't have much going for it. I mean, yes, there's Easter, but what's so fun about that?


Creepy crawlies

They all come out in full force during the turn of spring season. Spiders, insects, the lot. There's nothing pleasant about these little buggers infesting your home, and the sooner they go away, the better!


The clocks go forward

The clocks go forward in spring, which isn't particularity nice for anyone. Losing an hour of sleep is a big deal to most people, and although it might not be so huge in the grand scheme of things, it still sucks, and it still happens in spring!


The beach body

It seems everyone around you has nothing other to talk about than the beach body. Everyone wants to look great for the summer season, and that's understandable, but crash dieting and rushing to the gym at the last minute, isn't the best or healthiest way to do it. It's just annoying!


Hair loss

Ever heard of seasonal shedding? Well, it exists, and it affects most of us in spring season.  Our hair goes through different phases during the year, and although we are all different, the most common time of the year that we lose so much of our hair is in the spring, which isn't particularly ideal, especially if you already have thin hair.


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