What Does Your Choice of Hat Say About You?

Does your choice of headwear say something about your personality?

Hats. We all wear them. Mostly in winter, but for some of us all year round. Some of us wear them through necessity, and some of us wear them for the latest trend. But most of us just love them.

Hats are like jeans - they'll always alter in style somewhat, but they'll never go out of fashion. So, as we sink deeper into the depths of autumn season (the most popular time of year for headwear), Green Beans asks the question: Does the choice of hat you wear say something deeper about you?

So, here we go through some of the most popular style of hats, and what they say about the person who is wearing them...

The Cap - Cool and casual

Many of us would usually associate a baseball cap with sport, but women who wear caps aren't necessarily sporty - not in our book, anyway.

If a cap is your choice of headwear, then you're likely to be comfortable in your skin, cool as ice, and slightly quirky too. Wearing a cap also says you're relaxed, can look can pull off the casual-cool look with absolute ease.

The Beanie - Cosy and cute

Beanies are probably the most popular choice of headwear, certainly during the colder months of the year, so we are being a bit generic on this one.

However, the size of your beanie can say a lot about you.  The bigger and woollier your beanie, the cuter and kinder you are by nature.  You like to be warm, cosy, and well looked after.  You love to look good, in a feminine kinda way.

The Sun Hat - Stylish and sophisticated 

Sun hats are particularly popular with the generation of women in their 30s and 40s, and are mostly worn during the spring and summer seasons.

Women who wear sun hats tend to be maturer in their thinking, clearer in their minds, strong-hearted, and stylish by nature. This type of woman is at ease with herself, and where she wants to be in life.  This is a classy hat for a woman with style and trend.

The Cowgirl Hat - Wild and adventurous

Ok, so unless you're in the heart of of wild west, it's pretty unlikely you'll see a women sporting a cowgirl hat. But that's not to say they don't exist.

If you are a lady who wears a cowgirl hat (outside of fancy dress events) then you're likely to be full of energy, fun, wild, and adventurous. You're probably better placed to change a tyre than most men, and you're a brave kinda girl who likes to take risks for fun.

The Tribly/Fedora Hat - Hip and quirky

Tribly and fedora hats are hugely popular with women for two reasons: They're stylish and they can be worn as part of a smart outfit or even a casual outfit.

These stylish hats are usually worn by women who like to follow the fashion trends, and even set a few of their own too. Tribly and fedora hat wearers are usually woman who enjoy life, and who like to look good and stylish as often as possible.  This is a woman is likes to take control, and everything they do is carefully planned and considered.

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