Who Is The Best Ever Batman?

Who is YOUR Batman?

He sits alongside Superman as the most popular comic book superhero of all time, and so it is no surprise that there have been numerous interpretations of the Dark Knight himself, Batman.  The question we'd like to ask is, who was the greatest Batman of them all?

To get closer to the answer of this question, Green Beans takes a look back through some of the greatest (and not so great) performances played on the television and the big screen of the caped crusader.  Who is your favourite Batman?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below...

Adman West 

The first Batman to hit our screens was the rather camp and cheesy version of the 1960s, played by none other than Adam West. And even though these episodes don't hold up today, they still hold a special place in many of our hearts.  This Batman series gave us a real insight into the character of Bruce Wayne and his superb gallery of villains.  for non-comic-readers, this was an educational series about Batman, Gotham City, and his rival foes.

Michael Keaton 

Regarded by many as the greatest portrayal of the caped crusader, Michael Keaton's darker toned Batman of the late 80s/early 90s lasted for just two movies (Batman and Batman Returns), but gave us a great insight into the creepy city of Gotham and a host of villains including the Joker, Penguin, and Cat Woman.

Val Kilmer

It's unfortunate for Val Kilmer that the Batman franchise began to seriously dip at this point, and when he took over as the caped crusader in the third instalment, Batman Forever, it was much easier to judge the tackiness of the movie, rather than his actual portrayal of Batman.  you can't help but think he'd have made a pretty decent Batman had the script and direction of the move been right.

George Clooney

The fourth movie instalment, Batman and Robin, was a total disaster - so much so that it killed the whole franchise there and then.  As charming as George Clooney is, he was never really going to be badass enough to pull off the role of Batman, no matter how good the script and direction of the movie.

Christian Bale

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is regarded as one of the best of all time, and it certainly helped to have an outstanding portrayal of Batman.  Christian Bale's performance as the dark knight was so good that you you could be forgiven for thinking the role of Batman was specifically created for him.

Ben Affleck

Just when you think Bale's Batman (top picture) could never be beaten, Ben Affleck comes along with a mighty decent portrayal of the dark knight in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  We're excited to see how Affleck's version of Batman pans out in his next few movies - but one thing's for sure, he's go off to a fantastic start.

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