The 5 Most Up and Coming Industries

The working industries that seem to be taking the world by storm

Are you bored in your job, and perhaps looking for something a bit more financially lucrative to match your ambition and drive? Well, as of 2017, here is a list of the world's fastest growing industries. If you are seriously considering a change in profession, or starting up a new business, then be sure to check out these thriving industries...

Health & Wellness

We are continually living in a health-conscience world, and this is clearly demonstrated in sales of gym memberships, fitness clubs, and health supplements. Popular fitness brands like Zumba have seen huge growth in recent years, and that trend is not set to slow down any time soon. Body building is also huge, especially in America, where sports nutrition brands are cashing in on its popularity.

Energy Drinks

You'll have probably noticed a large influx of energy drinks hitting our shelves in recent years - that's because we, as consumers, seem to love them more than ever. Energy drinks seem to be replacing tea and coffee for many office workers, and they have also become a big part of the fitness industry. One thing is for sure, if you want to create a new product, you could strike it lucky with a decent energry drink.

Social Network / Game Developer

If you're a bit of a tech geek, then why haven't you created your own game or app? Or maybe you have... The fact is, there is a ton of money to be made in the tech industry, but that's been the case for years. Creating an app or a website has never been made easier than it is today, so if you've got the idea, you'd be best off getting it made before somebody else makes your billions.


Setting up your own online store sounds like a whole lot of fun, and with a wide array of software providers available, it doesn't have to be that difficult to do. All you need to do is decide on what you want to sell, and then you're away - well, almost. Don't forget SEO and online marketing are huge factors in getting your store noticed -and that's where most online merchants fail at the first hurdle.

Home Decor

We've always been big on the home decor industry, but it does seem to be growing faster than ever before. High in quality, yet affordable home decor stores like IKEA are giving the consumer more choice and more bang for their buck. Many independent home decor brands are also making a success through their unique styles and fittings. If you've got an eye for home decor, then get designing and have your products made. It really isn't that difficult.

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