The 5 Greatest Movie Trilogies Ever Made

What are the greatest Movie Trilogies?

Making a great movie is a difficult task in itself, but making an equally good sequel is an even harder thing to achieve. But creating a brilliant third movie is almost impossible to do.  How many times can you recall a movie trilogy getting considerably worse from the first movie to the last? 

So, without further ado, here are the five best movie trilogies ever made. If you think we've missed any glaring omissions, then please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

5. The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan changed the face of comic book movies with the first instalment of his Batman masterpiece, Batman Begins.  With a darker, more realistic tone, the movie became an instant hit, and you could argue helped evolve the nature of future DC movies.  The second movie in the trilogy, The Dark Knight, is still ranked as one of the best ever comic book movies ever made, and although the third part, The Dark Knight Rises, fell off the pace a little, you just can't deny these three movies were brilliantly made. 

4. The Original Star Wars

Well ahead of its time, the original Star Wars movies still hold up, even today. Star Wars, on the whole, inspired a whole new generation of movie lovers, film makers and sci-fi fans across the globe, and it is still one of the biggest hitters in huge events like Comicon.  The trilogy was a rather epic one, and each instalment would still be classified on a top list of best movies ever made.

3. The Godfather

Mafia movies have come and gone over the years, but none have ever reach the glorious heights of The Godfather trilogy.  To create three movies, all as good as each other, with in-depth characters, and thick plots, is nothing short of masterful. Even if gangster films aren't quite your thing, you just can't deny they firmly belong on this list of best movie trilogies ever made.

2. Back To The Future

During the 80s, Michael J. Fox showed us all that the little man could indeed be the hero of the day. The Back To The Future films were strokes of pure genius - with complex storylines and unexpected twists, it's amazing to think how consistently good each of the three movies are.  Again, like its rivals on our list, these movies would comfortably hold up in today's industry, which makes them even more remarkable.

1.  Toy Story

This may surprise a few of you, but if you think back to the Toy Story movies, you'll struggle to find fault with any of them.  Also you could argue that the Toy Story films got better from the first to the third, and how often can you say that, even about the better movie trilogies?  Each one of these animation movies is filled with every emotion possible, and it's a franchise that was and still is enjoyed by the whole family.

Notable movie trilogy mentions that were not included on our list:  Lord of the Rings;  Indiana Jones;  Jason Bourne;  Jaws. 

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