Is this the beginning of the end for Collider Movie Talk?

Is Collider Movie Talk Destined to Fail?

So, it finally happened - The carrier and the true face of YouTube's popular channel, Movie Talk, has finally decided to jump ship. That's right, folks, The Movie Blog founder, John Campea, has officially left Movie Talk, leaving many fans rather distraught. So, what will happen now that the icon of this award winning show will no longer be there (in a full time role)?

Love him or hate him, John Campea is the reason Movie Talk has become the leading YouTube channel for everything movie related. You could even argue the show is the leading comic book news channel, as the subject seems to dominate every aspect of the show.

Founded by Campea, through his then employers, AMC, Movie Talk quickly gained momentum and gathered quite a few subscribers along the way. The team has chopped and changed over the years, but Campea always remained leading the team, adding to the popularity of the show. Now in the name of Collider, Movie Talk has become even bigger, with new signings Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis sitting alongside the long-serving Dennis Tzeng.

Fans were sad to see Amirose Eisenbach leave the show, as many believed she was the most talented and knowledgeable member of the team. Also, in controversial circumstances, out went Erin Darling, and no one really knows the reason why. But, the show still went on, because Campea found a way to develop it and keep it appealing.

Will the show suffer now that Campea has left?

The simple answer to this question is, yes! John Campea does tend to rub many people up the wrong way, through his controversial views and stubborn thinking, but love him or hate him, he has mass appeal, and the show has become such a success solely due to him. Campea stated "I have never been in a better position to leave the show, and now it is in good hands".

So what happens next?

Well, Campea has passed the baton onto his loyal servant and close friend, Dennis Tzeng. Tzeng is a perfectly likable chap, but he's well out of his depth here. Campea has charm, wit, charisma and style, with a genuine passion for the industry that is portrayed through his enthusiasm. We're not suggesting for one second that Tzeng doesn't have knowledge or passion for movies, but he lacks the appeal and character that makes this show so interesting and entertaining. The very pleasant, but rather boring, mono-toned Tzeng simply cannot be expected to carry on Campea's legacy, and nor should he expect any of the team around him to do so.

Harloff and Ellis certainly have personality, but they just don't have enough to carry the show forward and take it to the very next level. Popular pundit John Schnepp is the stand-out member of this team, but much of his appeal comes from his pairing with Campea as a double act. If Schnepp has any sense, he'd be better off breaking away from Movie Talk and continuing his hugely popular show, Heroes, which dwarfs Movie Talk's ratings tenfold.

As for Movie Talk - well, the day John Campea quit is the day the show died. Yes, it'll keep raking in the hits for the next few months, but gradually it'll fade, and once Campea gets his own solo projects up and running, his fan base will be on his ride with him.

Goodbye Movie Talk - it's been fun!


  1. How'd these predictions work out after the 2nd time too?

    1. I dunno, you tell me. I'm too busy watching the John Campea Podcast :)


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