15 Objects That All Men Keep in Their Man Drawer

It's not that women rule the household, it's simply the fact men don't need all that much, which is why they only require one drawer - The Man Drawer

The man drawer is supposed to be for general domestic things we may either need in the future or in case of an emergency. The only problem is, the typical man drawer does tend to get a little out of hand... 

Here are 15 items that every man drawer should contain in order to call itself a real man's man drawer. How many of this lot do you keep in your man drawer? Let us know in the comments section below.

1. Set of keys - You'll find that every man drawer contains at least one set of keys, and the trouble is, we don't even know what they are for. 

2. BatteriesBatteries of undetermined life will be littered throughout. We're never quite sure how old batteries get there but they find their way in nonetheless.

3. Pritt Stick - Oh come on, what would a man drawer be without a Pritt Stick? We'll never need it, but it looks good and will always be a key man drawer item.

4. Lighter - Even for guys who don't smoke, a lighter is an essential addition to the man drawer. It kinda takes us back to the caveman times, where the creation of fire made men 'real' men!

5. Marker Pen - Another rather futile man drawer item is the black marker pen, because most of the time it doesn't work. But do we throw it away? Of course not.

6. Old mobile phone - I don't even think men know why they seem to store old mobile phones in their man drawer. It's completely useless and will never be used again - yet it holds its place in the man draw for eternity. 

7. Buttons - There's an obvious reason why buttons find such a regular place in the man drawer. Men can't sew, therefore any loose buttons that fall off items of clothing get bunged straight into the over-cluttered man drawer.

8. USB stick - The USB stick is a bit of a new man drawer trend, but it's not surprising when you consider the fact it is a technological gadget.

9. Penknife - Well, every man drawer needs one of these. Camping trips, odd jobs and alien invasions wouldn't be the same without the saviour of a penknife.

10. Set of mini screwdrivers - Ok, so we got a set of mini screwdrivers from a Christmas cracker, and women think men are insane for keeping it, but little do they know how handy these little bad boys really are. 

11. Masking tape - Real men don't use masking tape, so how they end up in the man drawer is a mystery to us.

12. Elastic band - You can buy a packet of 100 elastic bands from your local store for a quid or two, but there's nothing more rewarding than finding one on the street. For that feeling alone, it deserves a place in the man drawer. 

13. Padlock - Ok, so we've got the shiny, never used padlock stuffed at the back of our man drawer, but where is the key?

14. Coins - Well, you're never going to find gold coins or bank notes in the man drawer, so chucking a few bits of loose change in there seems like the best way to demonstrate our belief that money earned should never be throw away.

15. Tape measure - A man will never feel like a man unless they have quick and easy access to a tape measure. After all, size does matter...

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