The World's 10 Tallest Buildings

There's something nice about having the world's tallest building in your country. In an egotistical world of architecture and construction, being the tallest means you are the best. Here, Green Beans takes a look at the highest 10 buildings on the planet. 

How many of these monsters were you aware existed? 

10. Willis Tower (Sears), Chicago. 442.12m

9. Taipei 101, Taiwan. 449.2m

8. Zifeng Tower, China. 450m

7. Petronas Tower 2, Kuala Lumpur. 451.9m

6. Petronas Tower 1, Kuala Lumpur. 451.9m 

5. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong. 484m

4. Shanghai World Financial Centre, China. 492m

3. Makkah World Clock Tower. 601m

2. Shanghai Tower, China. 632m

1. Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates. 828m

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