A New Pill Designed to Stop Hair Loss in Men and Women

Does This New Pill for Hair Loss Work?

That's right, folks, here we have it: A new pill designed to stop hair loss in men and women suffering from early stages of baldness, and what's more, it's naturally made, with absolutely no risk of side-effects whatsoever.

Is HR23+ hair supplement too good to be true?  Well, let's weigh up the evidence and see for ourselves.  We conducted a little hair loss research of our own and came up with five reasons why you should seriously consider using HR23+ in your battle against hair loss and thinning hair...

1. The Saw Palmetto Factor

If you suffer from hair loss, you'll probably be quite familiar with saw palmetto. This potent plant, derived from North America, has been known to inhibit the formation of DHT (the cause of hair loss), thus helping prevent the pattern of baldness. You'll find a bunch of hair supplements on the market that contain saw palmetto, but it's the unique blend with its neighbouring additives that makes HR23+ that little bit special...

2. The Hair Growth Agent(s)

Ok, so we've established how saw palmetto can prevent shedding, but now we want to know what makes the hair grow.  HR23+ contains the hair and nail growth agent, biotin. Biotin works to help promote healthy, faster and stronger hair growth, making it an excellent addition to this 23-ingredient-strong supplement. If you think about the combination of saw palmetto and biotin in one tablet, then it totally makes sense - one DHT blocker and one hair growth agent. If you delve deep into this treatment pill, you'll also discover the additions of green tea extract and grape seed extract, which also serve the same purposes. Other tried and tested anti-hair loss ingredients in this formula, such as MSM, folic acid and ginkgo biloba, make it very credible.

3. It's Safe To Use and Fully Certified

It always feels reassuring when you can place your full trust in a brand, knowing you've not been scammed.  HR23+ is a safe and natural supplement. Since its launch, there hasn't been a single complaint, and the reviews are pretty impressive too. This hair health pill is made in a GMP certified lab, staying fully compliant with levels of supplement production and testing. Basically, if you're looking to avoid the nasty side-effects associated with many other hair loss treatment pills on the market, then this winning supplement is likely to be your best bet.

4. Get 10% Off (and more) Your First Purchase

With it being a little pricey, many of you will be a bit reluctant to spend your hard earned money on a supplement that you have never even tried before. The good news is, HR23+ is currently doing a 10% off introductory offer, which they've clearly stated on their website. You can also make bigger savings on this supplement, getting a discount of up to £15 per bottle when you purchase in multi-packs. It's a definite money saver in the long run. To activate your 10% discount, simply enter the coupon code HR2310 upon checkout.

5. The Reviews Are Good

Let's face it, without a few decent reviews and testimonials, we're never going to be fully convinced about this or any other hair loss treatment. That's why we were so pleasantly surprised by the glowing list of early reviews on this supplement.

Taking just four capsules a day doesn't seem like such a big effort, especially when you consider how effective the results can be. If you are worried about your hair then seriously, get over to today and read more about this advanced hair health formula.


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