How Much Would The Top Football Players in the 1990s Cost Today?

How Much Would The Top Football Players in the 1990s Cost Today?

How much would the most expensive players in the 1990s cost in today's market?

Since the formations of the Premier League and UEFA Champions League in the early 90s, football has gone onto become a mind-boggling, financial powerhouse in the world of sport. 

Today, we are regularly seeing players valued at over £100 million, but only 26 years ago, Alan Shearer cost Newcastle United a then world record fee of £15 million.  How times have changed.  

Here, we look at each and every world record transfer, from Roberto Baggio's transfer in 1990, up to Zinedine Zidane's record transfer in 2001, and value the player in today's market.

So, if these footballers were paying today, what would they be valued at? 

Roberto Baggio
Transfer: Fiorentina to Juventus
Year: 1990
Fee: £8 million
How Much Would The Top Football Players Cost Today

A young, gifted, attacking talent, tipped as Italy's next golden son, Roberto Baggio could change a game in an instant with his skill, craft, and ability to pop up with a vital goal. Italy's prospect at Italia 1990, to one of their best players in USA 1994. In today's market, the Baggio of 1990 would still have commanded a premium fee, for sure.
Today's fee: £100 million

Jean Pierre-Papin 
Transfer: Marseille to AC Milan
Year: 1992
Fee: £10 million
world record transfers

A prolific goal scorer, and regarded as one of France's best ever, Jean Pierre-Papin would undoubtedly cost a fair bit of cash to lure him away from Marseille in today's times. His guarantee of goals is a premium in itself. 
Today's fee: £100 million   

Gianluigi Vialli 
Transfer: Sampdoria to Juventus
Year: 1992
Fee: £12 million

Italian teams were spending money for fun back in the 1990s, and with Seri A on top of the world, it's easy to see why. Gianluigi Vialli was the next record breaker, costing Juventus a cool £12 million. Despite Vialli being a part of the Champions League winning team of 1996, he wasn't a prolific goal scorer, which lowers his price, slightly. 
Today's fee: £80 million

Transfer: PSV to Barcelona
Year: 1996
Fee: £13.2 million

There was a lot of excitement around the emergence of Il Fenomeno, and his stats showed us exactly why. His run of scoring 42 goals in just 46 league games for PSV, at only 19, caught the attention of Barcelona, who were quick to act, and with 34 goals in 37 league appearances for Barca, it proved money well spent. Today, a young Ronaldo would command a similar fee to a young Mbappe. 
Today's fee: £120 million

Alan Shearer 
Transfer: Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United
Year: 1996
Fee: £15 million
shearer record transfer

Alan Shearer smashed the world record in 1996 with his transfer from Blackburn to Newcastle. Having taken the golden boot at Euro 96, Shearer was one of the top goal scorers in world football. With a guarantee of 20-25 goals a season, this powerful number 9 would still come at a premium in today's times.
Today's fee: £150m

Transfer: Barcelona to Inter Milan
Year: 1997
Fee: £19.5 million
Ronaldo Inter Milan

The Brazilian phenomenon was at it again in 1997, breaking the world record transfer for a second time. But this time, Ronaldo was a season stronger and more developed. He was the best player in the world, with power, pace, and the ability to score 30+ goals a season. Sound familiar? 
Today's fee: £200 million

Transfer: Sao Paulo to Real Betis
Year: 1998
Fee: £21.5 million
Denilson Brazil

Purchased in hope, rather than proven talent, young Brazilian prospect Denilson was brought to Spain for a then record £21.5 million. This was a surprise to many, because we knew less about him than the record breakers before him. An excellent dribbler, with bags of skill, but Denilson wasn't a goal scorer, which is a vital attribute needed in today's times. His final ball was also lacking at times.
To be honest, Denilson's fee today wouldn't be that far off his record transfer fee in 1998.
Today's fee: £25 million

Christian Vieri  
Transfer: Lazio to Inter Milan
Year: 1999
Fee: £32 million
Christian Vieri

Big, strong, powerful, and a bag full of goals every season. What was premium property then, is most certainly premium property now. Christian Vieri would be highly in demand in today's market. 
Today's fee: £150 million

Hernan Crespo
Transfer: Parma to Lazio
Year: 2000
Fee: £35.5 million
Hernan Crespo

Another terrific player - strong, powerful, deceptively quick, good in the air, skilful, and a natural goal scorer. What's not to like about Hernan Crespo? 
Today's fee: £150 million

Luis Figo
Transfer: Barcelona to Real Madrid
Year: 2000
Fee: £37 million
Luis Figo

Having come off Euro 2000 as one of the best players in the world Luis Figo was then the most controversial transfer in word football history, with his switch from fierce rivals Barcelona to Real Madrid. Figo was a quick, skilful winger, with the odd goal in him, too, but where would he fit into some of today's formations? Perhaps not as well as he did 20 odd years ago. 
Today's fee: £80 million

Zinedine Zidane
Transfer: Juventus to Real Madrid
Year: 2001
Fee: £46.6 million
Zidane record transfer

Regarded by many as the greatest player of his generation, French wizard, Zinedine Zidane held the record as 'most expensive player in the world' for eight years, which is still a record in itself. This playmaking maestro was at the centre of France's world cup and European Championship wins, as well as one of Real Madrid's leading stars. 
Today's fee: £150 million
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