Stop Hair Loss: 5 Reasons You Should Try HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement

HR23+ hair supplement for hair loss

Is HR23+ the best hair loss treatment on the market? 

The hair loss sector is worth billions of pounds ever year, and that figure is only likely to increase further over the coming years. Without a cure for hair loss, the market is lucrative, but the problem is, the vast majority of 'treatments' do not work. 

In fact, according to trichologist, David Andrews, there are only a handful of hair loss treatments on the market that can actually be effective. "Hair loss is difficult to treat, but there are a few products on the market that can help prevent thinning, and also encourage healthy hair growth. Medical drugs are an option, but they can give nasty side effects, which most people would rather avoid. However, there are safe alternatives, like the highly effective supplement, HR23+." 

So, what is HR23+, and can it really treat hair loss?  Released to market in 2015, HR23+ has quickly become the leading multivitamin hair supplement for men and women. It is widely regarded as the most effective supplement for reducing hair loss. 

So, if you suffer from hair loss, then here are 5 reasons you should seriously consider trying HR23+...

1. The ingredients

When it comes to judging a supplement of this nature, the most important thing is the actual formula. HR23+ is an effective formula for hair loss because it contains a broad range of ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to deliver optimal results. 

HR23+ ingredients

HR23+ combines various antiandrogens and DHT blocking properties, with hair growth promoters, that work to slow down, and even halt hair loss, as well as promote the function of healthy hair growth. As far as hair growth formulas go, it doesn't get any better than HR23+.  

2. It's safe

Medical drugs and treatments like finasteride (for men) and minoxidil can help treat hair loss, but they can also come with some negative side-effects, which, let's face it, most people would rather avoid. 

HR23+ safe hair loss treatment

HR23+ is a safe formula that does not give any major negative side-effects. This supplement does not mess with your hormones, or any other area of your body and health in a negative way. The only thing it does is grow hair!  Taking HR23+ means you can put a stop to hair loss, without ever compromising on your health and wellbeing. 

3. The reviews

If you ever needed reassuring about a product, then the HR23+ user reviews and testimonials should put you at ease with the product. Of all the non-medical hair loss treatments on the market, HR23+ is the most positively reviewed. 

HR23+ reviews

In fact, the stats just keep getting better, because 87% of male users, and 91% of female users, are satisfied with the product. 9 out of 10 customers repeat repurchase, which is the highest figure of any non-prescription hair supplement on the market. 

4. It's established 

Hair growth supplements tend to come and go, and it is rare that a supplement of this nature stays on the market for longer than 2-3 years. David Andrews says; "hair supplement brands don't tend to last long, because most of them do not work. That's the reason, right there. If something doesn't work, it won't get good reviews, it won't get repeat orders, and it won't grow in popularity. That is why most hair supplement brands on the market, try and make as much money as possible, before they fizzle out."

HR23+ established

HR23+ has been around since 2015, which is a statement in itself. Its longevity shows it to be an effective product that users are taking over a longer period of time. HR23+ has many customers who have been using the supplement for a number of years. 

5. It works!

When all is said and done, the sole factor that a hair supplement will be judged on is its effectiveness. That really is the most crucial factor, and in the case of HR23+, it tends to tick this box. 

9 out of 10 users said they saw visible improvements in their hair from taking HR23+. So, as far as hair loss treatments go, it does not get more conclusive than that. 

HR23+ hair growth tablets

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