28 Reasons Why February is the Best Month

28 reasons why February is the best month

Here's why February is the best month of the year... 

The month of February is not a festive month, and neither is it a summer month, which means, it often gets overlooked, somewhat. 

But we'd like to think that February has a lot more to offer than many give it credit for. And so, here are 28 solid reasons as to why February is such an awesome month... 

1. Easter is on its way... 

February is usually the time when the chocolate eggs go on show, and the buzz and excitement of Easter starts to build up. I mean, who doesn't love Easter, right? 

2. End of the diet

With January well and truly over, we can ditch those unrealistic diets that we set ourselves, and start actually enjoying ourselves again.

3. The winter chill

If there's ever a time to rock those winter coats, scarves, and hats, then February is the month to do so. For fashion lovers and trend setters, February is an amazing month. 

4. Pay day

Being a shorter month, you won't have to wait so long for your paycheque. 

5. Valentine's Day

Whether you're single or loved up, Valentine's Day is still a great excuse to get out and enjoy yourself. When love is in the air, we all feel just a little happier inside. 

6. 15th February

That's Valentine's over for another year ;) 

7. Pancake Day

Ok, so Pancake Day isn't until 1st March, we spend most of February building up and getting excited about it... 

8. Snow time! 

In Britain, February is the most likely month for it to snow, and let's face it, we all love a bit of snow. Snow means outdoor fun, cosy nights in, and extra days off work. 

9. Chinese New Year 

Chinese new year starts on the 19th, which is as good as any time to party, and eat lots of Chinese food!

10. Awards season 

Awards season is here, which is a great time to enjoy the Oscars, Bafta fashions, and pretty much anything else with a red carpet. 

11. TV is good 

Like with autumn season, there's always great telly during winter, which keeps us entertained throughout the month, during those cold nights.

12. World Nutella Day 

The 5th February celebrates World Nutella Day... nuff said, really. 

13. Longer Days

The days are getting longer, and the nights are getting shorter... which can only mean one thing...

14. Spring is coming 

As we delve deeper into February, the closer we get to spring. 

15. Black History Month 

February is the month when we truly reflect on the great strides we've made in equality on all levels.

16. National Drink Day

Love your booze? No problem! 

17. Six Nations Rugby 

It's every rugby fan's favourite time of the year - February sees the start of the Six Nations - the most viewed and loved annual rugby championship in the world. 

18. Super Bowl 

It's the biggest sporting event in the American calendar, and watched by millions all over the world. And if you don't like football, then there's always the half time show...  

19. Sale!

February always knows how to give a good bargain or two. As winter season approaches its end, February is there to give us lots of discounts, mainly on clothes and accessories. 

20. Movies 

February is traditionally a good month for big, blockbuster releases, which means more trips to the cinema, and more munching on sweets and popcorn! 

21. Cheap holidays 

Fancy a trip to Spain or a Greek island? Well, the weather may not be as hot as it is in summer time, but it'll cost you a fraction of the cost, which means you'll have more spending money to enjoy! 

22. National Cheddar Day

Oh, come on, who doesn't love a bit of cheese... 

23. Kindness

February 17th celebrates National Kindness Day, which means we can be a whole lot kinder to each other, which, let's face it, is something we could all do with during these current times. 

24. National Banana Bread Day

February 23rd marks National Banana Bread Day - is there anything quite as tasty? 

25. Taxes! 

With the tax payment deadline on 31st January, and the tax year approaching its end (beginning of April), February is a time to worry less about your taxes and finances. 

26. Happiness 

According to studies, February is one of the most happiest months of the year for many of us. With the post-festive season blues gone, and spring fast approaching, it's easy to see why.

27. Pets! 

Buying a pet happens most frequently in February. Don't ask us why, but we're not complaining. What's not to love about puppies and kittens running around the place looking cute and adorable. 

28. Better Hair 

For many of us, the end of winter usually marks the end of seasonal hair shedding, which is always a good thing, especially for those of us who love out locks. 

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