28 Reasons Why Autumn is The Best Season

Why is Autumn Season so Awesome?

September seems to be the month of doom and gloom for most of us, and with the summer months gone, we're all heading back to work and school, it's easy to see why this time of year isn't a particular favourite of ours on the calendar.

Let us assure you though, that this season really isn't that bad - in fact, we believe there's a lot to be optimistic about during the autumn chill, and so, in no particular order, we're going to give you seven solid reasons why this is the time of year to have fun and be happy.

1.  New clothes!

We don't tend to need much in the way of clothing during the summer months, so it's kinda refreshing having the need to shop for a new wardrobe ready for autumn.  We all love to look good whatever the time of year, but there's something rather rewarding about buying new sweaters and coats, especially when you actually need them.

2. Halloween

Most of us love a good occasion to have a few drinks and let our hair down, and there isn't a better time to go a bit crazy than during Halloween. Halloween falls right in the middle of autumn season, which breaks it up nicely, and you certainly don't need to be a Satan worshipper to enjoy the madness of this colourful occasion.

3. Our hair thrives

Did you know that some of us experience the best hair growth during the autumn months? We tend to shed the most hair during summer season, which isn't a particularly nice thing to go through, especially if you suffer from male/female pattern baldness, but our hair tends to strengthen and grow stronger during autumn, which is a pretty good bonus for all of us.

4. The clocks go back

We all get an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back in autumn - which is a welcome bonus for everybody. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want that extra hour added to their lives!

5. Cosy nights in

Autumn is regarded as the most relaxing time of year. We exert the most energy during summer and winter, which leaves autumn and spring as the 'chill out seasons'.  With plenty to watch on the telly, like the X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and The Apprentice, this really is the time of year when we can put out feet up with a hot drink and just relax.

6. The weather is good

Seriously, according to statistics, it actually rains far less in autumn than we might think. In fact, in most years, September gives us some of the best weather of the year, with lots of sunshine flowing through the crisp air.  Autumn really is the perfect season for a good walk.

7. Bonfire Night

November 5th is a very British occasion. It gives us an excuse to light a bonfire and pop off a few fireworks in the process. Guy Fawkes Night is considered to be ther last fun event before the festive season. 

8. Black Friday

The last Friday of November is the most lucrative for many shops and businesses around the world, but for the customers, it's the best time to shop. Expect to see huge discounts on anything and everything, and the streets go nuts in search of that bargain.


9. Cyber Monday

The Monday after Black Friday is considered to be the busiest online shopping day of the year, with the biggest bargains, too. 


10. Long walks

Who doesn't love a nice long walk in the countryside or by the beach during autumn season? It's not too cold, and not too hot - just perfect.


11. TV shows

Autumn tends to be the best time of year for TV shows. From September to December, we see our favourite shows air like The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and The Apprentice. Perfect for cosy nights in. 


12. Houses are cheaper

For some reason, house prices drop slightly during autumn season, so, if you're on the hunt for a property, now is the time... 


13. Sport!

Whether you play sport or watch it, autumn is the best time of year to enjoy it. The football and rugby seasons are in full flow, and the sporting calendar hots up even mo

re as we approach the festive season.


14. National Cake Eating Day

National Cake Decorating Day on October 10th recognises the creative artist who elevates cake design to another level. It's basically a great excuse to make a delicious cake and indulge. 

15. National Coming Out Day 

Each year on October 11th, National Coming Out Day encourages civil awareness recognising and supporting those in the LGBTQ community. The day celebrates individuals who publicly identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender – coming out regarding their sexual orientation and/or gender identity being akin to a cultural rite of passage for LGBT people.

15. Pasta!

October is National Pasta Month, and October 17th recognises National Pasta Day. Pasta lovers celebrate, because autumn is the time of year when we actually eat it the most, and this just gives you even more reason to enjoy it. 

16. Banana pudding, anyone? 

Banana Pudding Lovers Month in November takes us back to a sweet treat and something worth sharing. Pick up the necessary ingredients so you can have a taste during Banana Pudding Lovers Month, too!


17. We stress less 

October focuses on Emotional Wellness Month. While taking stock of our stress levels, it’s an excellent time to make some changes, too. Emotional Wellness Month provides information and resources to help us do just that.


18. Eating cookies!! 

The first week in December, get into the full holiday swing and get ready to start baking! Holiday sweets are a tradition for millions of people around the world. This special week is a time to celebrate all the fun you can have with cookie cutters and pastries.


19. Christmas is coming...

Most of us moan that the Christmas build up starts too soon, but if truth be told, many of us actually like the thought of the festive season fast approaching. Autumn may have put an abrupt end to summer, but there's a big reward waiting at the end of it...


20. Christmas movies are coming...

Well, what would Christmas be without a good build up, right? Nothing beats stayign in, cosy, with low-budget Christmas films on the telly. 


21. Autumn colours

It's the most colourful time of the year, didn't you know? The streets are never packed with so much colour as they are during fall - red, orange, yellow, brown, and crisp blue skies. Just perfectly beautiful. 


21. Autumn food

Out with the summer fruit salads and in with the soups to keep us snug during the autumn chill. There's nothing better than a cosy night in with a bowl of home-made soup.   


22. Hot drinks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever takes your fancy. Winter aside, Autumn is THE season for a tasty hot drink.    

23. Cosy jumpers

Well, who doesn't love snuggling up in a cosy, oversized jumper, right? 


24. Crackling fires

And if you don't have a fireplace, getting the blankets out on the sofa with the heating on is just as good. After a long summer, it's back to those cosy nights in in front of the fire. 


25. Better sleep

With the shorter days, darker nights, and cosier beds, sleeping has never been so easy...and fun. 


26. Crisper days

It's not too freezing, but you can just about feel that crisp chill in the air. It's like winter is coming, but not just yet. It's the perfect weather to be outdoors.


27. Leaves

Run through them, jump on them, kick them - heck, do whatever you want with them - leaves are fun! 


28. Love is in the air?

Finding a special person isn't always easy, but if you're single, there's a decent chance you'll meet someone during the autumn season. For some reason, online dating sites are more active, and people are just more eager to find a partner in the lead up to Christmas.

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