28 Reasons Why Spring is The Best Season

Spring is often labelled as the best time of year, for many, and we're about to prove that is absolutely the case. For, even if you are not particularly keen on this time of year, we've collated a list full of reasons why spring is simply the best season of them all...

By Tim Wise

1. Outdoor walks

A gentle stroll with the dog, or a full our run - spring gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, without getting rained on. 

2. Perfect temperature

The great thing about spring is that the temperatures are always bang on the money. It's never to hot, and never too cold. It's a comfortable enough climate for most of us to enjoy. 

3. Fresh salads

We've been snuggling up with hot soups for the past few months, and now it's time to enjoy some fresh salads and fruit that fits well with the warmer climate. Over half of us are more likely to eat fresh food during spring season. 

4. Gardening

Spring is the ideal season for green fingered people. It's a chance for us to get our gardens in tip top shape for the hotter months ahead.

5. Spring clean

Early spring is usually a time when many of us give our homes a good once over. We begin to leave our windows up, and our homes are generally fresh and brighter living spaces.

6. Sport

Spring is great if you're a sports fan, be it if you play it or just watch it on the telly. All our favourite sports hot up during the spring season, and it's a great time of the year to get out and enjoy the weather with a ball, racquet, or bat. 

7. Easter

Well, we all love a good family occasion, with plenty of food, drink, and laughs, and Christmas aside, it doesn't get much more fun that Easter.

8. Movies

Summer blockbusters are becoming a thing of the past, because more and more big movies are being released during the other three seasons, including spring.

9. Bank holidays

If you live in the UK, then you'll appreciate a few days off during spring season. Easter bank holiday, along with two more in May, are regular stamps in the British calendar, and it's a great excuse to go out and have a good time with friends and family.  

10. Picnics

Oh, come on, who doesn't love a picnic down the park?

11. Smoothies

We tend to eat more fruit in spring, which makes sense because many of our favourite fruits are 'in season' at this time of year. Spring is a great season for smoothies, and trying things out with all those delicious fruits. 

12. Beach

It's never too early to hit the beach, and if it's warm enough, the beach can be a lovely time of year to visit the shores.

13. Summer

A great thing about spring is that it's kind of like one big build up to summer. And who doesn't love summer?

14. Partying

Summer is the most party prone season, but that doesn't mean many of us can't find an excuse to party in spring too. With Easter and all those bank holidays to play around with, there are plenty of opportunities to party hard in spring.

15. Flowers

Daffodils, tulips, or whatever it is that takes your fancy - flowers make everything look brighter, more colourful, and generally happier.

16. Booking holidays

The vast majority of us book our summer getaways during spring season. So, that gives us plenty to get excited about in the lead up to summer.

17. Charity work

Most of us do charity runs, sponsored walks, and fundraising events in spring season. It's the season for giving, helping, and having a whole lotta fun in the process. 

18. Happiness

The majority of us feel happiest during spring season, so, you could say it's the 'happy season' too. .

19. Spring Sales

Spring sales are bigger than ever, so expect to find plenty of offers and discounts on your favourite clothes, gadgets an accessories. 

20. Longer days

Now that the dark, gloomy winter period is over, we can expect to see longer, brighter days. 

21. Productivity

Whether it's decorating your house, doing some gardening, or joining activity clubs, the vast majority of people are far more productive in spring than in any other season.

22. Cold drinks

A nice chilled beer or cider, or a Pepsi with lemon and lime. In spring, the drinks get colder, and far more tastier.

23. Trendy season

This 'not too cold but not too hot' weather is the perfect excuse to whip out those warm sweaters that always go to elegantly with most outfits. Spring is a great time for fashion, trends and style.

24. Cheap getaway

With so many cheap holidays abroad on offer, spring can offer you the perfect excuse to getaway on a low budget, before the prices shoot up around summer season.

25. Getting in shape

After a long, party filled festive season, and indulging throughout winter, the sun comes out regularly, the feel good factor sets in, and we find ourselves enjoying our exercise more, as well as living a healthier lifestyle. 

26. Cute animals

What is more cute than baby animals? Gorgeous bunnies, piglets, chicks, or ducklings. There is simply no escape from the adorable photos or videos of these little ones. But frankly, who would be escaping from this cuteness?

27. Fresh air

What would be spring without its energetic and refreshing breeze that lights up the mood in a millisecond? Leave your windows wide open to let this warm air flow in and refresh your cushy home, too!

28. Better hair

Many of us experience our strongest hair growth phase during spring season, which is a very welcoming stat, particularly for those of us who suffer from thin hair.

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