Top 10 Most Popular Heavy Metal Songs


10 Heavy Metal Songs That Everyone Knows and Loves

Many of the most played songs are of the rock and hard rock genre. Bands like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones have been hitting the mainstream charts for decades, with some of the most iconic songs in music history.

Rock isn't considered to be a mainstream music genre, but it has always appealed, in parts, to the broader audience. The same cannot be said of one of rock's subgenres - heavy metal.  Heavy metal music has often struggled to make it big in the charts, and with it's darker and heavier tone, it's easy to see why.

So, here, we look at the top ten most popular heavy metal songs that either made it to the mainstream, or came pretty darn close.

10 "Breaking The Law" - Judas Priest

"Breaking the Law" is a song by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, originally released on their 1980 album British Steel. The song is one of the band's better known singles, and is readily recognised by its opening guitar riff.

9 "The Trooper" - Iron Maiden

"The Trooper" is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. It was released as the second single on 20 June 1983 from the band's fourth studio album, Piece of Mind. It was one of only a few songs to get much radio airplay in the US, thus peaking at No. 28 on the US Mainstream Rock charts. It also achieved success in the UK, peaking at No. 12 in the UK Singles Charts.


8 "Du Hast" - Rammstein

"Du hast" (German: You Have) is a song by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. It was released as the second single from their second album Sehnsucht. It has appeared on numerous soundtracks for films, most notably The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture, How High, and the home video CKY2K. It is featured in the music video games Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 3. The song's title is a play on the homophones du hasst ("you hate") and du hast ("you have").


7 "The Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson

"The Beautiful People" is a song by American industrial metal band Marilyn Manson. It was released as the lead single from the band's second studio album, Antichrist Superstar in September 1996. Classified as alternative metal, the song was written by frontman Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez, and was produced by Trent Reznor, Dave Ogilvie and Manson.

6 "Chop Suey!" - System Of A Down

"Chop Suey!" is the first single from Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down's second album Toxicity. The single was released in August 2001 and earned the band its first Grammy nomination in 2002 for Best Metal Performance. Loudwire included the song in its list of The Best Hard Rock Songs Of The 21st Century, where it was ranked at number one."Chop Suey!" is often seen as the band's signature song.


5 "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath

"Paranoid" is a song by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featured on their second album Paranoid (1970). It is the first single from the album, while the B-side is the song "The Wizard". It reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart and number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100.


4 "Walk" - Pantera

"Walk" is a song by American heavy metal band Pantera from their sixth album Vulgar Display of Power. A live performance of "Walk" is included on Official Live: 101 Proof, and the studio version is also on the band's greatest hits album, The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits!.

3 "Wait And Bleed" - Slipknot

"Wait and Bleed" is a song by American nu metal band Slipknot's self-titled album of 1999. Remixed with more prominent clean-sung vocals, it was released as the lead single from the album in July 1999, and peaked at number 34 on the American Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in February 2000.


2 "Ace Of Spades" - Motorhead

"Ace of Spades" is a song by English heavy metal band Motörhead, released in 1980 as a single and the title track to the album Ace of Spades. It is widely regarded as one of the most well known heavy songs ever recorded.

1 "Enter Sandman" - Metallica

"Enter Sandman" is a song by American thrash metal band Metallica. It was released as the first single from their self-titled fifth album, Metallica in 1991. The music was written by Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Hetfield wrote the lyrics, which deal with the concept of a child's nightmares. It is widely regarded as the greatest heavy metal track of all time, and the song is what shot the band to commercial success.

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