9 Very Unusual Phobias

Xanthophobia – fear of the colour yellow

Xanthophobia is the fear of the color yellow or the word yellow. The origin of the word xantho is Greek (meaning yellow) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Xanthophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is discussed on the home page.


Turophobia- fear of cheese

Turophobia (from the Greek word turi, meaning "cheese", and phobos, "fear") is the fear of cheese. People suffering this phobia would avoid consuming cheesy stuff like cheese pizza. People fear cheese often because of their gooey appearance and cheesy taste.


Coulrophobia – fear of clowns

Coulrophobia is a persistent fear of clowns, where individuals may feel “shaken or traumatised” at the thought of them. Currently the term is not listed in the World Health Organisation's ICD-10 or in the American Psychiatric Association's categorisation of disorders, but it is very real for those who suffer it.


Hylophobia- fear of trees

Hylophobia is an abnormal and intense fear of forests. Hylophobia can develop in response to a prior traumatic. experience with forests, trees, or wood. Examples. include being attacked in a forest, or being attacked with a branch.


Ombrophobia- fear of rain

Ombrophobia or Pluviophobia is the fear of rain- a fairly common anxiety disorder seen in kids and adults alike. The term Ombrophobia originates from Greek 'Ombros' meaning “storm of rain” and phobos meaning “fear or aversion”.


Pogonophobia- fear of beards

The exact causes of pogonophobia are unknown, but several things could contribute to a person's dislike of beards. These include: A negative or traumatic past experience with a bearded person. Associating facial hair with illness or being unclean.


Chaetophobia - fear of hair

Chaetophobia is a rare phobia which causes an irrational, abnormal and persistent fear of hair. The word is derived from Greek khaite which means 'loose flowing hair' and phobos meaning aversion or fear. Other names used for the phobia include Trichopathophobia where tricho is Greek for hair and patho for disease.


Chirophobia - fear of hands

Chirophobia (from Greek word chrio,"hand") is the fear of hands. It is often triggered due to traumatic experiences in the past while being afraid of washing hands. The most common symptoms are the feelings of dread, overwhelming thoughts of terror and panic, fast heartbeat, and tunnel vision.


Peladophobia - fear of baldness

Peladophobia is the fear of becoming bald or bald people. Peladophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is discussed on the home page. Peladophobia is also related to Phalacrophobia (fear of becoming bald).

fear of going bald

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