10 Dead-End Career Paths That Could Be Extinct by 2029

Check out these ten dying professions that probably won't exist in ten years!

Travel Agent

The walk-in travel agent has been on the decline since the rise of nline travel booking sites - everyone seems to be their own personal travel agent these days. The number of travel agents is set to decline by a further 20 percent over the next ten years.


Sites like QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank enable you to schedule your outgoings, tax expenditures, and book keeping with a few simple clicks, and with the technology constantly improving, the need for accountants is becoming much less.

Financial Advisor

Much like with accountants, the rise in online software is having a huge impact on the financial sector, and on financial advisors in particular. You can now plan how to save and spend your money with the help of some easy-to-use online software, that costs less, and is even easier to understand!

Photograph Processor 

Most of us could see this one coming a mile off. The rise of digital photography is quickly putting an end to the photo processing formats that we were once so accustomed to.  Digital photography is easier, quicker, and a whole lot more convenient for so many of us in our fast paced lives.

Data Entry Clerk 

These workers are expected to be hit very hard over the coming years, due to an overall decline in opportunities for the broader category of office and administrative workers. Once again, we can thank – or blame – technology. This profession had actually been in decline for several years, and it is set to decline even further, due to the rise in automated voicemail systems, and digital software.

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The number of agricultural workers is expected to decline 10 percent from 2018 levels by 2028, according to statistics. It’s not because people are eating less, but because farmers are getting more efficient, replacing workers with machinery and getting bigger yields out of smaller plots of land. We are also seeing a major rise in lifestyle trend such as veganism, which has a huge effect on the farming sector.

Newspaper reporter

It's simple - newspaper sales are declining while online news sites are increasing in popularity. What's more, the online news sites are free, and you can access them 24/7, via your phone, tablet or desktop.

Furniture finisher 

Furniture use to be an art, but now you can buy good quality furniture at very reasonable prices. Manufacturers make more money producing and selling in bulk, and this also benefits the customer. With furniture prices constantly declining, it's now often cheaper to replace it completely, than it is to repair a broken chair or table.

Door-to-door salesman 

Door-to-door sales has been on the rapid decline since the early 2000s, and it is set to continue to decline.  Marketing and advertising to consumers has been made a whole lot easier through social media, digital ads, and on websites like YouTube. The door-to-door selling format is set to go extinct by 2019.

Book publishing

While this job is expected to diminish at a slower pace in the coming decade than it did in the past decade, it’s still not a good time to be in the book printing business. Hardest hit in the industry are the people who bind and finish books, thanks to the increased popularity of the digital downloading and online blogs.

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