9 Reasons Why March is the Best Month of the Year

This is why March is the best month of the year...

Spring season

March officially marks the start of spring season, which is a weclome relief for most of us.  After a long, hard slug over the winter season, March actually makes summer feel ever more closer.  Statistics show that the vast majority of people are at the peak of their happiness during early spring.

Longer days

With the start of spring also comes longer days.  More sunlight and warmer weather gives us the chance to get outside and get more out of our days than we would during the winter months.

St. Patrick's Day

We may not all be Irish, but St. Patrick's Day gives most of us a good reason to go out, get happily drunk on Guinness and enjoy the celebrations with people who, let's face it, are pretty dam cool!

Spring break

OK, so Spring Break might be an American thing, but the UK also has its holiday fun to look forward to around this time of year.  Easter is only around the corner, with a bank holiday or two also on the horizon.

Mother's Day

We all love our mums, and what better way to show them just how much we love them than by spoiling them for an entire day in the month of March :)

Sport, sport, and more sport! 

It's a great time to be a sports fan during the month of March, wherever you are in the world.  The rugby and soccer seasons are nearing their climax, and the tennis season is in full swing. This is a great month to hit the pub, watch the sport and have a bit of banter and fun.

National Peanut Butter Day

If you're obsessed with peanut butter then you'll just love the month of March.  The 1st of March marks National Peanut Butter Day - a great excuse to load up on the nations favourite spread.

National Puppy Day

March 23rd marks National Puppy Day, and how cute is that!  As a nation, we all love dogs, so what better than way to celebrate this than by dedicating a whole day to puppies! There won't be many complaints about that.

Healthy, happy hair!

The vast majority of men and women experience seasonal shedding, whereby hair becomes thin, and falls out, during certain seasons of the year. Most of us tend to shed most severely during the colder months of the year, therefore our main growth phase occurs during spring and summer season, which means our hair tends to thrive during spring. 

seasonal hair growth

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