How To Better Yourself for the New Year Ahead

Make 2018 a better year for your body and mind

We all make new year resolutions, and most of us fail to live up to them by the time February comes along.  Making the resolution is the easy bit, but sticking to it is another matter completely.

So, in order to get the very best out of yourself, here are some tips on how to make 2018 your most prosperous year yet. Here's how to stick to the most common new year resolutions...

Getting into shape

So many of us promise ourselves we're going to lose weight, get into shape and look better than we ever have - the problem is, the majority of us can't stick to it, and we fall off the waggon by the end of January.  Joining a gym and dieting isn't really enough, and if you are serious about looking good, then you really need to change your whole lifestyle.  In order to look good, you'll need to be healthy, active and passionate about where you are taking your body.

Developing your career

Going back to work can be one of the worst things about the new year, especially for those of us who do not enjoy our jobs. We often tell ourselves that we'll leave our current role for something more exciting that pays well, but after a few hours of job searching, we give up and continue as normal for yet another year.  The thing is, high paying dream jobs don't exist, so if you are looking for a whole new career change, then you'll probably need to start at the bottom of the ladder.  Remember, a person digging for gold never thinks about the price of the shovel.

Helping others

The most common new year resolution, particularly with people in their thirties, is to help the less fortunate.  It's a lovely thought, but very few people actually go through with it after they've found out what it actually entails.  Working for a charity or heading off to a third world country to 'help out' is very noble, but it does take a heck of a lot of research and planning.  Be sure this is really something you want to do, and if you can feel it in your heart, then do it.

Travelling the world

We'd all love to see more of the world, but certain factors like money and time always seem to get in the way.  If you really want to see more of the world then you have two clear options that will ensure you stick to the resolution.  The first option is to see it bit by bit - travel a couple of countries during your holiday time from work, and be sure to book all the flights and hotels right now, so you don't get lazy and pull out of the idea once your holiday arrives. Secondly, go all in, fully committed and take a year off work (or quit your job) and just travel as much of the world as you can.  We only live once in this world, so make sure you lie life and have no regrets.

Improving your appearance

Many of us tend to worry about our physical appearance during January, and that's perfectly normal, especially when you consider how much we've eaten, how much alcohol we've consumed and all the partying we've done over the festive season. We feel fat, puffy and tired by the time the new year comes around.  So, to combat ageing skin, hair loss and fat, be sure to top up your beauty/grooming cabinet with a bunch of products that can cater for all the physical concerns that you have become accustomed to at this time of year.

Saving money

After the heavy spending over Christmas, many of us are keen to tighten up our wallets and start saving.  The thing is, this is near impossible to do, well, unless you literally stay in and do nothing seven days a week.  What you should be doing is the complete opposite really. Think less about your outgoings and try to take up hobbies and try to get out of the house more - you'll feel so much better for it.  Worrying about your 'budget' is no way to live your life.

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