David Beckham's Best and Worst Hairstyles

Through the years of David Beckham's hairstyles

He's probably the most recognised face in world football, and even though he had bags of talent, much of David Beckham's fame came from his image - including his hairstyles!

Here, Green Beans takes a look back through the years of an icon and his glorious (and not so glorious) hairstyles.  We'll take you back to the mid/late 1990s all the way through to his current look.

1996-1997 - The Mop

The fresh faced Becks burst onto the scene in the mid 90s with some terrific goals, with the half-way line strike against Wimbledon standing out in particular.  A young 21 year old David Beckham seemed less fussed about his hair back in those days, wearing a rather basic, longer style.
Style rating: 5/10

1998-1999 - The Curtains

Beckham's life changed dramatically the day he met Victoria - and his hairstyle went through a few changes too. Enter the famous blonde curtains - possibly still his most iconic hairstyle yet.  Curtains went out of fashion the moment Becks shaved his locks off.
Style Rating: 9/10

2000 - The Shaved Head

Well, if you're David Beckham, there's nothing quite like going from one extreme to another to stir up a bit of attention, and that's exactly what he did in the 1999-2000 season.  The blonde locks were gone and in came the shaved head trend. 
Style Rating: 6/10

2001 - The Mohican 

Possibly the strangest of hairstyle choices over the years, but it grabbed the most attention, nevertheless. This look only lasted for a couple of England games, and upon returning to Manchester United, Alex Ferguson demanded he shave it off.
Style Rating: 2/10

2002 - The Mohawk

By this point, Becks was the biggest name in football, and what better way to celebrate this by sporting one of his best hairstyles yet! Becks invented the Mohawk, and started off one of the most popular male trends of the early noughties.
Style Rating: 9/10

2002 - The Bleached Chop

After the raving success of the Mohawk, it didn't take Becks long to find another trend setting hairstyle. The bleached chop was another popular style that Beckham famously wore during the Commonwealth Games ceremony in Manchester - and what better way to promote your new hairstyle than with the whole world watching!
Style Rating: 8/10

2003 - The Braids

The England football team's meeting with Nelson Mandela, was made even more famous by the England captain.  His braids were a major talking point throughout the visit to South Africa - a hairstyle in dedication to the culture of the country.
Style Rating: 6/10

2003 - The Alice Band

It wasn't long before even the toughest of men were wearing Alice Bands. When Becks does something, most of the world usually follows - but as many of us painfully know, Becks makes everything look cool - whereas most of us mortals don't.
Style Rating: 8/10

2004 - The Ponytail 

Beckham wore a number of different ponytail styles during the time he joined Real Madrid in 2003-2004, including the samurai and the knot. It wasn't a trend setter, as such, but it still looked annoyingly badass on Becks.
Style Rating: 7/10

2005-2006 - Neat & Modest

Beckham was less adventurous with his hair during the 2006 season in particular, opting for a short and rather tidy look, by his own standards. And just when we were beginning to think he might be beginning to settle down...
Style Rating: 7/10

2007-2008 - The Bleached crop

Becks was back on the bleach more than ever in 2007, upon his big money move to LA Galaxy. Sorting a short crop, the style wasn't too dissimilar to his cropped look in the early noughties, except this time it was a whole lot brighter!
Style Rating: 6/10

2010 - Neat & Tidy

Was 2010 the year when Beckham looked the tidiest? This was very much a 'man in his 30s' type of style, with short sides and a tidy middle length texture at the top. No, hair dye and no gimmicks - this style just worked.
Style Rating: 9/10

2012 - Vintage Becks

2012 was the beginning of the vintage trend in men's style and grooming. Beckham helped the image along somewhat with his latest style - short on the sides with a long quiff at the top.  Coupled with the finely groomed moustache, Becks was a great model for the trend.
Style Rating: 8/10

2015 - James Dean

From 2012 to around 2015, we began to see more consistency with Becks and his choice of hairstyle and image.  The super-vintage style kind of moulded into a modern day James Dean type cut, which many will say was his best hairstyle to date.
Style Rating: 10/10

Present - The Comb Over

Ok, so it's not quite a Bobby Charlton type comb over, but more of a vintage one that Beckham wears these days.  After a puzzling attempt at wearing a 'man-bun' in late 2016, we're glad to see Becks is thinning graciously with a very tidy and trendy style.
Style Rating: 8/10

Which hair style suited Becks the most?  We'll let you decide - so please do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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