5 Very Underappreciated Comic Book Superheroes


Who are the underrated superheroes who need to have their own movies? 

Breaking outside of the usual suspects like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Wolverine, we take a look through some of the most underappreciated comic book superheroes that surely deserve their own movie. Marvel and DC, what the heck are you waiting for?

Martian Manhunter  (DC)

When Superman refers to Martian Manhunter as “the most powerful being on the face of the Earth,” he is clearly deserving of a movie of his own. The last survivor from planet Mars is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, able to fly, read minds, phase through objects, become invisible, change his shape and density, and even regrow himself from a single hand.  He'll probably make an appearance in a future Justice League movie, but for such a colourful character, he should have been on the big screen years ago.

Nightwing  (DC)

Dick Grayson is far more than just a side-kick of Batman.  Any real comic book fan will tell you how Nightwing has so many interesting layers to his character.  When DC’s New 52 saw Grayson unmasked to the world, Batman convinced him to fake his own death, and take up a career as a secret agent, launching the brand new comic series “Grayson.” But we have to see Nightwing on the big screen, and many comic book fans are still unaware as to who he actually is.

Shazam!  (DC)

Back in the 40’s Fawcett character Captain Marvel was outselling DC’s Superman. But after DC bought up his rights, they’ve never figured out how to integrate him alongside his former competition.  Shazam has many layers and interesting aspects t his character - and with powers like Superman, you kinda get the feeling a big Shazam movie is well on its way.

Green Lantern  (DC)

One of the most powerful characters in all of the DC (and Marvel) universe, Green Lantern (above picture) has been greatly underappreciated.  The Ryan Reynolds movie was a total flop, and you just get the sense that Hal Jordan will always play second fiddle to Superman and Batman until he gets the big screen portrayal he fully deserves.

Daredevil  (Marvel)  

Ben Affleck did an ok job as the Daredevil, but we still haven't seen a great movie of this fascinating character.  It seems odd, as Daredevil is actually one of the most well known and loved superheroes in the whole Marvel universe, and although Daredevil comic book sales exceed 95% of other brands, he's definitely underappreciated in the world of movies.

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