Marvel v DC: All Star Comic Book Super Heroes Soccer 11 | From Spidy to Supes!

We love a bit of light-hearted fun here at Green Beans, and what better way to kick off the new year with a combination of two of the most popular things on the planet - sport and comic book superheroes

So, here, just for fun, we have created two football (soccer) 'dream teams' packed full of your favourite superheroes. Check out our Marvel and DC teams and please let us know who you think would win... 


Goal Keeper: Spiderman 
The web-slinging teenager is the man between the sticks, due to his exceptional agility, balance and reaction time. Perfect attributes needed for a reliable goalkeeper


Right Back: Wolverine 
Wolverine isn't the tallest in the team, but his strength, grit and determination to go forward makes him an ideal right back, who is tough defensively and eager in attack.


Centre Back: The Hulk 
Every team needs a big, strong, commanding centre back to strike fear into the opposition, and it doesn't get much meaner than Hulk. There won't be much getting past this beast.


Centre Back: Thor
Thor is another powerhouse at the back to shore things up for this rock-solid team. DC will have to be on top of their game to get one over on this tough competitor.

Left Back: Captain Marvel
Full of energy, she's quick and she's darn-right feisty - Captain Marvel would make an excellent wing back, jetting up and down that side of the pitch.

Right Wing: Vision
Every team needs a bad boy in it, and Vision fits the bill perfectly. This powerful character would cause havoc across the pitch with his extraordinary powers.


Defensive Midfield: Iron Man
Every football team needs a good brain in the centre of the park, and Tony Stark certainly does posses the intelligence to help take control of a situation.

Attacking Midfield: Captain America
The leader of all leaders, Captain America sits alongside Iron Man in the centre of the park, pushing the team forward with his determination and fight.

Left Wing: Human Torch
Marvel doesn't quite have the speed that DC have at their disposal, so every bit of pace counts up and down the flanks - and that's where the Human Torch can be a valuable asset to this team.

Striker: Daredevil
Yes, the dude is blind, but Daredevil's sense of touch is second to none. Throw in his exceptional agility, speed and anticipation, and you have yourself the perfect centre forward. 


Striker: Mr. Fantastic
If plan A doesn't work then there is always plan B - lump it long and high towards the tall centre forward and just about anything is possible. There won't be many defenders out-jumping Mr. Fantastic.

- VS -


Goal Keeper: Green Lantern
Super quick, strong and a leader by nature, Green Lantern would be the perfect figure between the sticks.

Right Back: Robin
He's not the quickest or the strongest player in the team, but Robin does offer excellent courage and nimbleness, which are essential skills to have as an attack-minded right back.


Centre Back: Martian Manhunter
You can't go wrong with a tall, strong, intelligent centre back leading the back line. We think Martian Manhunter would fit the bill perfectly.


Centre Back: Aquaman
Strength and leadership and key attributes that make a world-class defender, and Aquaman has all these qualities in abundance. With Martian Manhunter's brains and Aquaman's grit, this really would be a solid partnership at the back. 

Left Back: Cyborg
Tough, gritty and very unforgiving - it'll take something special to get past the half man-half machine, Cyborg.  

Right Wing: The Flash
What we want to see is a good old-fashioned winger causing havoc up and down the wing. With his lightning speed, the Flash would be the perfect winger in any team.


Defensive Midfield: Batman
There is no way we could have a DC team and not include Batman, so Bruce Wayne makes it into the team in the central midfield role where he can dictate play and allow the immortals to roam free around him.

Attacking Midfield:  Superman
The most iconic superhero of them all lines up in the number 10 role - sitting behind the strikers. Pace, strength and skill make Supes the ideal attacking midfielder.


Left Wing: Shazam
Shazam may not be quite as quick as the Flash on the opposite wing, but heck, he's still mightily quick, and would cause just as much havoc up and down his side of the pitch.


Striker: Green Arrow
With the most precise aim in the universe, Green Arrow certainly knows how to hit the target


Striker: Wonder Woman
Well, just when you thought the strike force couldn't get any more potent, we go and throw Wonder Woman in the mix. Wonder Woman would make a superstar striker with her pace, agility, strength and competitive edge.

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