A Super Comic Book Villains Rugby XV | From Lex to the Joker!

This is just a bit of fun, so in response to an article by WORLDRUGBYVIDS on a super hero rugby team, here's a team packed full of famous villains to rival them... 

1. Loosehead Prop - Kingpin
Kingpin is everything you'd want from a prop  - towering in stature, and built like a driving machine. 

2. Hooker - Apocalypse
Who better than to lead a front line that one of the most powerful super villains in the comic book universe?

3. Tighthead Prop - Bane
A broad and tough driving machine in Bane would be an ideal Prop.

4. Lock - Doctor Octopus
What Doc Oc lacks in the scrum he'll certainly make up for in the line out. Can you imagine him missing a catch?

5. Lock - Carnage
Not your most conventional lock, standing a modest 6'1, Carnage does offer extra mobility and strength in the centre of battle.

6. Blindside Flanker - Venom
Venom's brute force and power makes him an ideal flanker, willing to pitch in with the dirty work.

7. Openside Flanker - Abomination
With Hulk in the back row of the super heroes team, who better than to help drive the scrum forward than his ultimate nemesis - Abomination. 

8. Number 8 - Doomsday
Doomsday would probably be able to drive the whole scrum on his own, so his super strength, power and grit would be an excellent addition to the pack.

9. Scrum Half - The Joker
Small, mobile and with plenty of gob, The Joker would make the perfect scrum half. Just don't expect him to stick to the rules... 

10. Fly Half - Dr Doom
The most intelligent being in the universe may not be known for his physical attributes, but his mind alone would be a superb asset for the number 10 role.

11. Wing - Professor Zoom
Well, who else could possibly stand a chance of catching Flash on the opposing wing than Professor Zoom?

12. Inside Centre - Darkseid
Another powerhouse with a super intelligent mind that would compliment the number 10 alongside him.

13. Outside Centre - Bizarro
What ever you've got, we can match. Bizarro would be a strong and quick opponent to stand face to face with Superman.

14. Wing - Deathstroke
Speed, mobility and artistry is what makes a great winger - and not many can match the deadly assassin, Deathstroke.

15. Full Back - Sinestro
A quick mind, great agility and speed makes Sinestro the perfect full back.

Coach - Lex Luthor 
Lex Luthor doesn't do physical combat. He's a master tactician that wins through the mind.

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