7 Best Snooker Players of All Time

Who is the best snooker player?

With snooker's greatest stage upon us again, Green Beans takes a look back through the years at the crucible in Sheffield to list the seven best snooker players to ever pick up a cue. Do you agree with our list? Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts...

7. Jimmy White

Jimmy White is without doubt the greatest player never to win the world championship. Reaching six finals, White was a runner-up in every single one of them. With his fast paced and unbelievable shot making, the 'Whirlwind' will always be one of the greatest entertainers the sport has ever seen.

6. John Higgins

Mr. Reliable, John Higgins won his four world championships over a much longer period of time than his rivals on this list. A safety shot specialist with exceptional ball potting skills, Higgins was and still is one of the most difficult players to beat in snooker.

5. Alex Higgins

Alex Higgins was the first superstar of snooker, entertaining fans during a period when the sport was at its ultimate peak. To many, the double time world champ will be regarded as the greatest man ever to play the game.

4. Ray Reardon

With a total of six world championships, Ray Reardon was the first dominant force of snooker's modern era. Even to this day, only one man has overtaken the Welsh Wizard's tally, and we shouldn't expect many more to achieve that feat any time soon.

3. Steve Davis

The king of the 80s, Steve Davis was the dominant force during a spell which saw him lift the world championship six times. Also twice a runner up, most notably to Dennis Taylor in snooker's greatest ever final, Davis was regarded as snooker's best ever, up until a couple of other guys came along...

2. Ronnie O'Sullivan

The enigma of snooker, and the real entertainer. What Alex Higgins and Jimmy White did for snooker as a spectacle was exceptional, but what Ronnie O'Sullivan has done goes beyond even that. The five time world champion could so easily have won many more if it weren't for issues that prevented him from performing his very best snooker year-in-year-out. Don't bet against the Rocket winning a few more though...

1. Stephen Hendry

Snooker's greatest player of all time is Scottish and he goes by the name of Stephen Hendry. Out on his own with seven world titles, Hendry was almost unbeatable during his peak in the 90s. With an outstanding safety game and exceptional potting precision, Hendry was the most ruthless player at the table, racking up a few maximum breaks along the way. There's no doubt about it, Hendry raised the bar in the early 90s and shaped what snooker became in the years that followed.

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